You Guys!

I forgot to bluuug!!! These!!! Cuz I'm duuuuummb!Tribal semi-circle hoops with labradorite gemstones and polymer art beads.
Numinosity! You're awesomesauce extract!!!
Exclamation Mark.
Yeah, Ok, so you liked the narratives. But of the things I listed yesterday, for example, 4 have already sold. So there's 3 hours of my life that would've been down the the toilet. Or something. I'M EXHAUSTED PEOPLE!!! THERE ARE JUST NOT THAT MANY INTERESTING THINGS THAT COME IN APPROXIMATELY ONE PARAGRAPH FORMAT! AND LISTING SHIT TAKES FOREVER! I WANNA DO ANYTHING ELSE!
Pant. pant. Even when people give me tidbits, I still have to edit it into presentable shape and blah blah blah....
I'm a drewely maker, not a plagiarist/writer/editor!
(p.s.- I wore real pants today- jeans. not pjays. like a person.)


Numinosity said...

I've never been called awesomesauce extract before. I think I like it! I spent an entire afternoon trying to make some earrings yesterday just working out the wire connections, oh sheesh. My admiration for has raised another level now.
Packy is on its way.
xoxo Kim

Janet said...

What that shows is that your incredible jewelry is going to sell really fast whether you blog about it, write narratives about it or not. Cuz everybody wants some great fanci stuff to wear. As long as you keep making your jewels, your adoring fans will be happy.

Real pants. Woohoo. What's going on here?! :)

happyfallout said...

I totally understand that it may become tiring after several years! Just now, I still like them, because it helps to convey the source of inspiration.
Of course your things will sell anyway -- they're too beautiful not to.

Pretty Things said...

I absolutely LOVE those. Would look good against my pink hair!

~Debi said...

Ok, first you exercise, then you do laundry, then you go and wear pants. I don't even know you anymore!

Petra Carpreau said...

Yeah, Debi's right - what's going on?? Washing, zumba-ing and now pants! - What's next?? Make-up and pretty pink shiny things??? Scary stuff.
Those earrings are shit-blasted gorgeous, by the way.