OMG Rafflage!

On regretsy (which yes, happyfallout, I do read every day, you douche-canoe) they're always raising money for some etsy seller in need or another. The selected recipient of said cashstash is subsequently all flabbergasted and humbled at the response and generosity. I now know exactly how they feel!
I expected to raise two to three hundred tops. I wasn't steeling myself for disappointment or anything, that's just how much I honestly thought I'd raise. As of last count, we have $1,358!

I'm so blown away that all I can do is offer more prizes. And you don't have to do a thing- I'm going to pick names from the already-massive list in the last post's comments and my exploding Paypal. The first category is called "The Curio Cabinet." Oh yeah, there's categories up in this!
So this would be Lot C1.     Tiny salt shaker, doll hand, Indian fabric stamp, vintage horse brass. 
Lot C2

Antique silk ribbon with bullion.
Lot C3
Antique puffy framed wall hanging. The image is printed on silk, the frame might be pewter.
The next category is "Instant Collection"
Here's Lot I1

Wooden fabric stamps from India.

Lot I 2

A selection of vintage horse brass, oxidized.

Lot I 3

Another assortment of horse brass.
Lot I 4
In keeping with the horse motif, rusty saddle hardware.
Finally, "For the Gypsy."
 Lot G1

Couple bangles.
 Lot G2
Earrings from pieces of tobacco box and findings missficklemedia sent me.

Lot G3

Gorgeous ceramic pendant from happyfallout.
So there you go. If I pick your name, you need to send me your address. You can etsy convo me or email at marinarios@yahoo.com. (I am on etsy all day, just so you know, and on yahoo rarely). First ask, first serve. So you can request a lot... (I mean 'one of the lots', not 'make a lot of requests' sheesh!), but it might not be available so I suggest you select a few preferences. I can NOT have these to you by Christmas. I cannot swap out this for that, measure anything or take more pictures from different angles. I'm trying to make this easier on myself. And they'll be sent when they're sent! So stop hassling me! 
"I'll cut-chu!"
To express the awe that my dark, jaded soul is experiencing at your largess, I share the image above.  Mr. Husband got it from a heavy metal site he visits daily, on a forum called "The Thread for Real KVLT Images"  (that's 'cult' for all us noobs).  He also picked out this other kitty for me:

Some people asked when the drawing would be. Like I have a plan! But I suppose I'll pick the winner and TEN runners-up by next post and you know I don't go 2 days without posting. So that should give you no idea.


Anonymous said...

Exciting and so very thrilled about the the support for Sparrow, blessings for her.
Yeah that cat thing..I have 2 cats,which might explain my general unhingedness.

richelle said...

Totally amazing. I'm so proud of you and everyone who's donated. I want those damn Indian stamps! Lot I1!

La Fileuse said...

I'm proud too ! It's a great amout... it's a salary !^^ Good job, Fanci !

La Fileuse said...

Oh ! I meant a pay... I have to take a better look at my translations... Sorry !

B.R.Kuhlman said...

That is so awesome! I am so glad you managed to raise so much for your friend.

Lorelei Eurto said...

That is great news!! I hope it helps out a little. I hope she's recovering and pain-free. have you talked to her? or emailed her?

Love all these extras you picked out from you stash. So generous of you! xo

~Debi said...

I couldn't give much but hey, every bit helps! This is a wonderful thing you are doing :)

Numinosity said...

Great job you are doing! Hope that you will pass on my condolences and well wishes to Sparrow.
xoxo Kim

PS, where did the kitty pic come from?

Jackie said...

Awesome job there, Fanci!! That's a nice sum! Love your goodies, if I'm one of the winners I'd love those Wooden fabric stamps - I1.

Any word from Sparrow? Sending love and healing wishes to her.

...Jackie xo

Janet said...

Yay! That's a whole lot of well wishes going Sparrows way. What a wonderful response to your efforts, fanci. Hoping that sparrow begins feeling better soon and that knowing so many people care will help to ease the heartache during this difficult time.

You're the gift that "just keeps on giving". Nice of you to share more goodies with people. Ok I know I said not to enter me in your raffle, but then you go show those great tin earrings! I'm almost regretting my words! :)

Unknown said...

Love the instant collections 1 and 4.

Jenny said...

If you could give us any updates about how she's doing, that would be wonderful. I think about her a lot.

stregata said...

Good job, Fanci! That is amazing.
BTW - whoever drew the cat in the bottom picture has a really messed up idea of cat anatomy...

Louise said...

a-w-e-s-o-m-e!! You are awesome lady.

happyfallout said...

That's seriously awesome!
I've sent her the money for the necklace So Charmed bought a few days ago. Hope it helps a bit.
I'm also drooling at those stamps -- they would work so well in ceramics. But don't include me, because international shipping will cost a lot, and that money would be more useful to Sparrow.

TesoriTrovati said...

How freakin' awesome is all of that! I am so grateful that this little community has come together to help someone so dear. You are also a dear. And that last picture of the cat worshipping the dark lord made me spit out my coffee. Brilliant!
Enjoy the day, Miss Marina!

Spirited Earth said...

Fabulously wonderful raffle, so lovely of you to do this ..hope Sparrow is doing better.

Anonymous said...

For Dearest Sparrow,

As a huge artistic fan of sparrow and fanci alike, I am humbled to be made part of this tremendous cause. Sparrow is in my thoughts and prayers..
To all those to whom made donations and blessings for recovery, you are amazing! Thank-you Fanci, for making this possible!

Lori Anderson said...

How wonderful to get that raised!!!

mairedodd said...

this is an amazing community we are a part of... the desire to help and support is overwhelmingly present... thank you for this - and the lots are fantastic...