OuKay, all these boogers are finally up:
Angels of Torment. MOP Pillbox and Barnacle White Assemblage Necklace.Angels of Torment.     Saddle Gems III. Metaphysical Tribal Assemblage Necklace.Saddle Gems III.Saddle Gems II. Metaphysical Tribal Assemblage Necklace.Saddle Gems II.          Bellibone. Pink Orange Colorful Bright Assemblage.Bellibone.Dweomercraeft. Polymer Art Beads and Tribal Glass Hoops, Colorful Bright Assemblage.Dweomercraeft.          A Moiety. Polymer Art Beads and Gemstone Hoops.A Moiety.Enthrall. Rustic Asymmetrical Assemblage Dangles with Ceramic Art Beads.Enthrall.                      The Mendicant. Asymmetrical Tribal Assemblage Dangles with Ceramic Art Beads.The Mendicant.
Of Bondage. Ceramic Scarabs with Leather Hoop. Rustic gypsy assemblage with rhinestones.Of Bondage.               Zanzibar. Long Tribal Metaphysical Statement Necklace Assemblage.Zanzibar.

Took a bit cuz there was a fever in the interim. And a night of strangely loud barfing by Mr. Devices. We're good though.
Here's the next batch (she says in the tone of someone delivering a bag of cement).

I used to make little compositions somewhat not totally dissimilar from this. I'm not going back to my roots, I just had this little box is all. I am rootless. I'm feeling goofy fr sum reezun.
'Member I showed you these cutesy little shriney pre-made masonite stupid things that I feel like a fool with my pants on the ground for getting but couldn't resist?  (Pant pant).  Am I, like, lame-onaide for being drawn to dumb kits and stuff that should be left in the scrapbooking isle? And why am I drawn to them? Is it the lure of a shortcut? The desire to play with the other kids' toys? Hu? Hu?

Hu? Hu? Why aren't you answering meeeeeee?!?!?!?

Even these earrings are little bezely compositions. Actually, these have been waiting half-made on the table forever. (I love me a half italicized word!)

Here's a big chunky choker. I don't know if you've noticed, bloggees, that every so often I bust out a huge bead chunky choker. Ai laiks um.
What else what else what else.
Oh! Fucking finally sent out all the packages. Oh wait- except for the actual winner of winners grand prize lottery pick Paula Bonhomme! I emailed her at the email on paypal and nuthing.
So if anyone knows this so-called Paula French-for-Good-Man, can you help a sister out and ask her to contact me? Cuz she also happened to give a PHAT donation and totes deserved to win. Also the amount of $ increased her chances, you know what I'm talking, I don't have to explain this ridiculousness of a sentence that never ends I'll be stuck typing forever- AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!
I know it's a tiny batch today, but I have some half-made things.... Wait! No! No excuses! I realized I have to somehow obtain a more level-headed attitude towards my makings or I'll loose it. It's like I'm on a hamster wheel. And it's not because I wanna be spending any less time on this and start showering or anything, don't get me wrong. I just realized I haven't done any soldering or metalwork or more involved projects that take more time because I have so much stuff connected to so many ...
Lets start again.
All of my supplies, they cause a mental image to appear of a potential project or two they could be put into. More supplies = more ideas and crap flying around my head thus causing oversupplypanic, as I've explained before. Lately I've just been reaching for the fastest projects just to make enough room in my brain to stay sane. I have to slow down.
Oh and convos! I'mna answer them every other day! Ok, that's not true, but no more than once a day. And if you don't like it you can stick it up your cake hole! (Which is an incorrect use of 'cake hole,' I know.) 


dinnaforget said...

I had to go to Michael's today (do you have Michael's craft stores in Chicago?) cuz I had to buy some paint cuz a friend was coming over for a crafty-fun-day making spun cotton dog portraits and we needed some titanium white cuz her dog is a border collie...anyways, I was passing by the aisle with the cute plastic kiddie beads and thinking "Am I, like, lame-onaide for being drawn to dumb kits and stuff?" So, yeah, it's probably a lame impulse, but you are not alone. I'm always thinking what else could I do with that so-ugly-it's-kinda-cool thingamabob.

Oh, and I'm the one who told Ms. French-for-good-man about your raffle. I told her she won. I asked her if she claimed her prize yet. I'm afraid there's not much else I can do without becoming really annoying. Sigh. Methinks she is a good soul who only wanted to help and didn't expect anything in return for her generosity.

Holy crap that choker rocks! The little locket earrings, too. Do you suppose a girl could get just a tiny hint about when they'll be up for grabs? :)

stregata said...

Love ya when you're goofy, girl. I don't really care where you get your supplies - it is what you do with them that stuns my brain into speechlessness. Your sacred heart shrines are ingenious.
Oh - and don't forget to breathe every once in awhile...

darlene said...

i dunno about all that. i am sitting here cold and in a state of sleeplessness. insomnia sucks BUT your heart vessel with the foot rocks.hmm. i made a heart with am arm today. looks too phallic. i'm wondering about it a bit.regardless of my issues, i truly enjoy all your creative designs no matter where you get your supplies or what they may have been used for by another person. we take, we create. yummers!

Flotsam Tide said...

Pffff... my eyes are burning with these new pieces! Beautiful!!!! I love the big chunky choker, and those sacred hearts. The earrings with the compositions are brilliant, I am enthralled by the images encased within. Aack your work always reduces me to sounding like a hormonal over enthusiastic crazy. Love it! xo!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Corvid upstairs - the choker is so fabulous and sticky like some hard candies encrusted with dirt, also the trompe l'oeil on the earrings is wonderful! But yeah, take a break when you need it. Think this might help you loosen up a bit:
notice that the bell doesn't just work on the sidewalks but also on...

La Fileuse said...

"French-for-good-man"... It sounds good but it isn't true, you know. Well... "homme bon" is the "french-for-good-man". We use the word "bonhomme" for abstract humans forms. For example, a snowman is called "bonhomme de neige". As for the childs drawings : the body parts are stems, the head is a circle... We call it "bonhomme".
And this word can be used for a "guy", too.

BUT, it wasn't a bad idea to name her "good man", since she gave a huge donation. ^^

Michelle York said...

I can't stay away..I'm not sure whether it's the jewelry itself or your funny self that is so addicting! Looking to see what you'll say next. You're outrageously funny and so talented. May the gods of creativity keep smiling on you dear heart.

Petra Carpreau said...

Gurgle, splurt, ug - oh now, come OOOHN! Yeah - great - SLOW down already!!! Oh you, good man, these are shit-blasted beautiful efforts for a rodent in a wheel. I'm pretty sure I don't need to add to the literal awe around your choker - but those beads?! slabber babber! Hey - those wooden bezelly things may have been a tad lamo once, mebbe - but look at those babies now! A lick of Fanci gurdness, and those puppies are on heat!!
Oh, OH - the little box of composition! It reminds me of your All Faiths - the gift that just goes on and gives all over again when you open it up!
Rest now, Hammy - and, Happy New Year!

Louise said...

I'm so absorbed by your beautiful rustic earthy creative delicimons that I hardly had time to read your words. I love these beautiful new pieces. Just absolutely wonderful!! Can't wait to send your parcel. :)