Giveaway Babeeee!

A Patient Labyrinth of Lines. Pyrite and Antique Puffy Sequin Hoop Earrings.
Giveaway prize #1

OK, first and foremost, we have ANOTHER muthafucken giveaway. This time it's to celebrate a true milestone- 200 followers on this here blaag! Dude. That's tons. When I started, I didn't even put the follower widget on the sidebar because I didn't want to think about the fact that I had no followers- and proly never would. Or so I thought. Then one day I suddenly realized I'd been getting a comment here and there and just fell out of my chair. Later, I realized I had 18 followers and I was so blown away I ran through the house yelling "EIGHTEEN people committed themselves to my blog!!" and etc. I have to say I had previously made a concerted effort to have a serious blog, back when I was trying to do Art, and it went nowhere. Same
A Patient Labyrinth of Lines. Pyrite and Antique Puffy Sequin Hoop Earrings.with a previous etsyshop. I approached all the jewelry stuff with much diminished expectations. And as the buddhists say, when you let it go is when it comes to you. Or something like that.
So, to celebrate the glory that is this bloog, I'm giving away not one but two sets of earrings. So there'll be 2 winners. Just leave a comment.

Corvid Delights- Ouch- joke failure on my part. I mean to say "Oh you do go on, you flatterer you!" In an old-fashioned Southern lady accent. Like an old movie. Not like, 'you babble endlessly.' Honey, I know folks who babble endlessly and you ain't it.
Man, joke failure hurts.
Rain. Chandelier crystal earrings, shabby romantic bridal jewelry.
Giveaway prize number 2. These because they've been sitting in the shop untouched for forever. And yeah, it's a bit shabby chic compared to my usual stuff, but damn it. I'm not all tough and cynical.
Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.
These bangles are up in the shop. They're the more earthy ones.
stregata- But I can't find any links to FAUX shmnuchibluchi. But I think if I meld some solder on the copper sheet and smoosh it with something, I can faux it up with the best of them. Except that I have no copper sheet and have been too lazy to pull out the solder works for quite a while now. And by 'lazy' I mean overwhelmed by other projects.

Janet- Huh-hu. Skidmarks. Yr gross.

NuminosityBeads- If you actually ask for wire at a hardware store, they'll show you their telephone wire or something. Wait. I have a follower in Mexico? *blush*.  So to her I quote:

"Andale-andale arriba-arriba!"
         - Speedy Gonzalez.  (That ought to impress any Mexican, right?)

Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.
Petra Carpreau-Yeah, the 1 time in 10 years I managed to exercise was an OFF day. That was actually 3 days ago and I haven't exercised or showered since. Maybe I'll get my ass up and do some now. It was Zumba! Tanned, buff people in skintight fluorescent exercise clothes? Sheer eye-pain. Bring it!

Anonymous left a question on the post before last- "Do you still want questions?" To which I say "Grrrrrl! You know I do!" I just love to hear myself talk, haven't you noticed? I went from encaustic to jewelry via collage. Encaustic was too hard, collage I couldn't find a direction in and suddenly I got the idea of gluing some of my cute papers on bits of wood and linking them up together.
Here's something I dug out of my virtual attic for you. Man, sends shivers down my spine to remember all the ugly crap I made. This isn't even the ugly crap. Not showing you that. But also- I used to work 10x harder back then than now on everything. Because I had no clue what I was doing. And don't get me started on the photography. Ugh, unwelcome trip down memory lane. Sometimes for no reason it freaks me out to go back to a previous headspace. It'll freak me out to find that my high school still exists, and music I listened to then will literally make the hair on my arms stand up. This goes for almost any period of my life I haven't recently had to re-acquaint myself with. Those of you who don't like to watch movies more than once might understand. It's like you don't want to have to live through it again.
Maidely Lake. Victorian Tribal Gypsy Assemblage Bangle Stack.
Another image of the bangles that are up now.
But ANYWAYS, y'all should always try to leave comments to the most recent posts or else I might miss them.

And drop a comment here for the earrings. Or don't! Jeeze. Don't make me no nevermind!


Jenny said...

The earrings in the first picture... I've been drooling over those since you put them up!

I also wanted to tell you that your tip about darkening things by dipping them in water with acrylic paint ROCKS.
It works great!

I really really wanna win those earrings!

Spirited Earth said...

i've been told to ask for stove wire at the hardware stores in order to get the annealed steel wire.

Anonymous said...

No, you are not putting those earrings up for giveaway, Santa! That is a very stupid action which lures the non-commenter-but-blog-follower such as yours-truly out of hiding to spurn your page with gibberish. Here you go --

"Hailed by the Blogger number-3 as 'gorgeously dewy and silver-streaked', Fancifuldevices' first pair of giveaway earrings was snatched away upon the moment it was showcased. Following its predecessor, the second pair which was described as 'ethereal and poetic' said adieu to its creator immediately after the 20th comment was made...."

So you get the picture...

Before going back to hiding, here's a link that I read and read-aloud to my BF before I practice-read "L'etranger" to him tonight. It made me realize that I'm still screwing my third-language while studying my fourth.

Numinosity said...

Ooowee! a giveaway. I like the top earrings plenty. Actually my friend is not Mexican herself, she just lives there and doesn't know a whole lot of Spanish but is doing some words of the day over at her blog "Trailer Park Nirvana" She needed the Spanish words for dark annealed wire and I found them for her right on the package.
Congratulations on your 200, oh wait it's 201 now!
xoxo Kim

Jean A. Wells said...

I want to join in the running for those earrings. You are truly one of a kind. Love your work and your blog.

potterygirl1 said...

Love the earrings and everything you create.

Janet said...

Hahaha. To quote Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride..."I do not think that means what you think it means"

See I was thinking skid marks on the road from peeling out really fast (equating that with the rapidity of how fast your listings sell)..... Ya know, burnt rubber.

Um, so what were you thinking burnt rubber meant that's gross? Huh?

Yes yes we all love a giveaway, but I'm thinking that almost everyday is a giveaway on your blog, cuz you share so many tips, general knowledge, tutorials and sources, so thanks!

~Debi said...

Comment, comment, comment. I need those top earrings. Lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that should get me in the running.

Juliette said...

Really digging your bangles there, but also your blog photography. Well done!

Rosalie said...

Dear Fancy:
You KNOW I love your work, so I love your earrings.
Just have to say you are an inspiration to me and lots of folks (see all those followers, natch).

There is so much joy and freedom in your work, and it's like seeing the results of your playing and having fun with life! Oh sure it's work. The best work is just the same as Play!

Thanks to NuminosityBeads, my dear friend and awesome artist in her own right, for sending me your way.

Keep on creating. You have The Gift.
Luv and Peace,

accusedredemption said...

When I am home in a tropical place in a house that is 100+ years old...i don't need to age things...they come older and rusted as the house...and all i have to do is leave things out in the rain while the monsoon season is almost over because there is just enough acid rain to tarnish the items, but enough sun to try and damage to beauty further...then i spray paint things in my house, but i have no proper ventilation so i bled from my nose...

stregata said...

Well, I guess I invented the term, then. I'll write to you about it - but I don't think I want you to do it - you will probably burn down the house or set Bingo on fire...

jbb said...

hey....I follow your blog because it is real, informative and earthy....just like your jewelry. But your creative mind is off the charts. I guess I can throw my hat in the ring and hope.

Anonymous said...

I have a confession to make I don't have my ears pierced, but my daughter does and she loves your stuff. One day I may have the courage to show my earlier stuff, (think Barbie on steriods) but for now it can stay my sordid little secret.

Kathy Barrick said...

Don't pick me cause I don't have pierced ears, but congratulations on your 202 blog followers! It doesn't surprise me in the least. There's something about your writing that is totally addictive. It adds to my life!

Louise said...

I don't think it's fittin' that I enter cause I won before. And I'm so pleased with my loot that I don't need to enter anything again. :D I got the gold. There you go folks! I GOT THE GOLD. But there are lots of beautiful things that keep coming, what will I do? Spend, probably. I'm afraid that when I begin I won't be able to stop. I totally hear what you are saying re the past and present. I don't even understand the sign at the DVD store "Get 2 overnight new releases for $10". Who can watch 2 in one night? My brain would be scrambled. You have lots of blog followers because you are talented and hilarious and REAL. You lay it out on the table and we all lap it up. Maybe we see ourselves in you. You have the guts to say it. :) So I'm just commenting, not entering. :) xx

La Fileuse said...

You probably know this quote, from K. Gibran:
"Wisdom is not in words;
Wisdom is meaning within words."
Apart from the beauties you create, I think that's exactly why your blog is so famous!

I hate all the old things I've made with my own hands in the past; it's crap. I like how humans evolve and then, die. It makes me feel more optimistic every day.

Petra Carpreau said...

Damnation - seven piercings in each ear, and yet the ones that would suit those beauties, have become so stretched from dangly wear, that they're relegated to the boring old stud department nowadays! Sound real purdy, don't they?!
Well now - seeing your early stuff was an enormous inspiration, as were your accompanying words on the subject. This really is living proof that in order to create authentic work of substance, that you need to let everything go - all preconceptions, and misconceptions - all contrivance about what people might like, or would buy - all the agonising - and just let the fuck go! I wish I could properly understand why it feel so sodding difficult to do that a lot of the time.
Forgive me for sounding like a toady weasel, but - you're my hero, Fanci (I think I'm quoting a line from Ferris Bueller's day off there actually!!)
Oh, and BIG congrats to you over your 200+ followers, but it's not surprising really, is it. Anyway - I'm raising a glass of gin to you and the next 200!!!
Have a great night!

dinnaforget said...

Well, the fact that you put those beautiful earrings that I've had bookmarked for a month up for a giveaway prompted me to finally buy the green beaded ones I've been pining after all month. Can't have anyone else walking away with those babies. Thanks again!

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

I happen to ADORE the wallpaper necklace! I would totally wear that...
and I'd love to be a part of the giveaway...I've had my eye on those glass drop earrings since you posted them....I LOVE me some Fanciful jewelry...well you know that already.
xoxoxlove you

Anonymous said...

Oooh, please enter me in the drawing! I would love to win either pair of the earrings. Your blog is such a delight to read - it almost always makes me smile and laugh. And on top of it all, I learn things too!

beadybaby said...

another cool blog i found thanks to numinosity kim! i am loving the beads in the group of bangle bracelets with the double bead caps. never seen anything like them! i have been doing bangle groups myself, but yours are cooler :-)

Diana said...

Wow--Some serious earring lust going on here...but personally I'm too cool to admit that I'd REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to have a pair of them!!!

Discovery Cloth said...

your jewelry is awesome, just sayin.

Lela said...

What about the imaginary followers? Do they get a shot at this too? :D

betweenreader said...

Hey, you never made anything ugly, just things that didn't satisfy your stringent taste buds! Earrings No. 1 puhleeze .... An' PS -- sorry about that hand drill fiasco.

Tracy G Crouch said...

Hey there! I saw you posted those bangles. Totally thinking to put that on my christmas list to my mother :) - Tracy aka PhotoAnthro

Flotsam Tide said...

joke failure should not hurt just because you made me laugh... it is so like you to generously give away some of your beautiful jewels on your blog. I absolutely love the shabby chic side and have hearted the first giveaway prize since you listed them.

What a sweet beacon of light you send off through your work and your words. This bizarre online community, (and I especially) are very fortunate to have you Marina.

Unknown said...

you deserve to have followers! I've been one for quite a while now.

Rosalie said...

I love the earrings the most! He, he.
blog: PinkMountainsAtSunset@blogspot.com

Jackie said...

I'm so drooling over that first pair of earrings, absolutely to die for! Does Bingo help you out while you're sitting on the floor creating? I don't have a doggie, but my cats try to help...ARRRRRRGGGG!!!