After forever without showing y'all new stuff, Mother Nature has finally honored Chicago, Illinois with more than 30 seconds of sunlight.
So here's some stuff:

Turkoman. Rustic Tribal Dangles with Ceramic Art Beads. These ^are a re-make of these-->     that I just loved too much to be done with. Seeing the originals now I realize I forgot the little labradorite dangles. So they're not done.
Ok, in real life neither pair looks anything like a pair of cartoonishly round boobs. Let's make that clear. I would never put boobs on your earlobes, ladies.
 Some more hyper colorful ones with these bird cabs that I got from any of a million etsy supply shops and painted to be more interesting. See, I can be cutesy. Cutesy is just one 'r' away from crusty. And an 'e'.
Here's these glowy-colored scarabs on hammered wires with leather cords and neat ear posts. 

These 2 pairs have similar formulas. They invert colors/beads and they both have this finding that swerves around the first dangle. Why did I do this? Who knows.

 Anything new to report? My 3 year old niece diarrheaded all over our downstairs bathroom today. That was unexpected. What else? Sparrow is doing well. She's in good spirits and glad to be re-bonding with her awesome brothers. The one who'll be living with her is another 'multicreative,' as she calls it, so I'm hoping to see some photos of what he makes while they're together. I'm hoping they inspire each other and she'll have more eye candy for me soon. An aunt suggested she make her jewelry a hundred times bigger to hang on the wall. I would pay to see that.

 This has a little MOP-lidded pillbox and some kind of undersea creature both from Uruguay.
Oh I also got Making Connections by Susan Lenart Kazmer as it's now in paperback and it's making me feel like a connections retard. I gotta put stuff on stuff with more stuff...

Here's another long focal necklace based on a piece of saddle hardware. There's a mini colander, a zodiac charm, pewter cross, antique spoon, part of a sewing kit with a chunky crystal and bead strands. The long charm with some globby beads, the 1st one is ancient. And the dangle on the lengthener chain is a giant chunky raw garnet. 

There's also a teeny claw/tooth of clay from the assload sent to me by Petra. And Afghan tribal metal bauble. I'm seeing more Afghan stuff everywhere- is it just me? Is it something about a greater peace there meaning more exporting, or is tribal just more popular among jewelry makers or what?

These odd little guys have Indonesian glass and wonky pods by stillpointworks. I darkened them. This is all memory wire. I got a spool of it in one of y'alls unexpected box o' gifts, I'da never bought myself any. Its amazing for very large ear wires that need to be extra strong.

Oh, here's another long one. This is an antique cast bronze piece of hardware from Uruguay. And you can see an Indian stamp, a little vial from Opulent. What's in it? Half a desiccated insect maybe? Beats the crap outta me, as my dad likes to say. Strands with labradorite, these neat thick links.

Haven't shown you any before-n-after redos in a while.
I wasn't happy with these I threw together from some more of stillpoint's charms:
So I divided the pair and made these in the last batch:
And now these:
Asymmetrical earrings are just more interesting I think. Also ones that aren't just thrown together with no inspiration.
There was also this one which was way over the top and the strands weren't working at all:

So I simplified and butched it up with a little tribal crusty . . . -->
Much better. Maybe. I don't know. Somewhat better. Yeah. Better.
Thank you all for so many lovely, funny and uplifting comments. You all make me so happy. This is why I blog so often. Just the comments! You could write, "Hi I'm drinking coffee," and that would be enough. Sure, it wouldn't be my favorite comment of the day. It'd be my least favorite. Unless it was so random that it was funny, then it might be my favorite. Basically it can only be my favorite or my least favorite, is what I'm saying.

And in parting let me just say, Human Centipede Menorah bitches!!!!


Jackie said...

So glad to hear Sparrow is doing better and can't wait to see her next blog post. Love the eye candy you've shared with us today. I'm so silly happy to hear Susan Lenart Kazmer's book is now in paperback, I've been drooling over that book since it first came out. Love her stuff, but I don't think her's is as creative as your jewelry. Boob earrings and a Butt Sniffin' Human Centipede Menorah...how funny!! Merry Christmas everyone and/or Happy Whatever you celebrate!!
...Jackie xo

Janet said...

Your new work was worth the wait...Wonderful, as always!

Great to hear good news about Sparrow. Wall earrings? There's a thot for both of you! Hahaha

Enjoy. :)

Alice said...

Well, I'm not drinking coffee (hate the stuff due to a prank my grandmother pulled on me when I was young). But I do love the smell of it--so hubby obliges me by letting me sniff the packet before he dumps it into the coffee maker.

I love all your creations, and as each photo came up I kept thinking 'wow I like that one the best'.

I'm so glad Sparrow is getting better, and I can't wait to see her first creations when she feels up to it. Thanks so much for the progress reports!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

alek said...

its great what you did for sparrow and that she is on the mend,
as for boobs - of course they look so much like boobs - thats why i love working with them, makes me smile every time
have a dandy solstice feast and all the best for the new year

Louise said...

Earlobe boobs? Ha! I just got some of those old buttons, they are sure fire fantastic and inspiring to work with. I hammered the boobs down flat! Felt quite good. ;D Hey girl have a Merry Christmas! Looking forward to your enchanting blogposts in 2012. xoxox (yup, kisses and hugs for you)

Anonymous said...

love the bloG and I can always depend on you for a good read every few days...you're too funny.

Chelsea said...

Thumbs up on the scarabs and the doves! And I'm lovin' the "Cutesy is just one 'r' away from crusty. And an 'e'." New best quote.

Flotsam Tide said...

Eee more colorful ones! They are sooo pretty, such fantastic little pops of color, like a Frieda acid trip. I really dig the inversion sets too... they have really interesting beads, you are using some awesome components in all these pieces. That human Menorah scares me, I think it is the shiny suits that freak me out. xoxo!

Cally said...

You said you liked comments so... love your blog, not just for the gorgeous creative 'stuff' but also for your descriptions and comments which always make me laugh - which is great for a crazy woman constantly fighting depression :)

Anonymous said...

Stop making stuff, it's Christmas, drink Baileys and guiness, get skiffy. Christmas blessings to you and yours and heart felt wishes for sparrow's return.

Sandra said...

What is this thing you call "sunlight". o.0

Bordello said...

Those "undersea creatures" are barnacles or "caracollilo del mar" or 'percebes'; "human centipede menorah bitches": you are one funny chica (punk) payasa! Felicidades!

shessoweird said...

i've been out of touch for quite some time. just found out about sparrow and her mom :( thanks for sponsoring the donations, fanci. she is lucky to have a friend like you.

Petra Carpreau said...

Damnation girl - like i wasn't feeling ashamed enough of my own lazy arse - and you've been doing all this!!!! They sure are some purdy dangles though. The re-working on the bottom necklace is a triumph. Oh man - I do love those pods of Claire's, they look great in everything. How thrilling was that too, seeing my little toothy claw (or, clawy tooth),all crustied up in a Fanci styley!! That's some kind of necklace - gorgeous.
Child's diarrhea on the bathroom floor - nice. I found some hairy cat sick on my pillow. Happy Christmas!!!
Oh - wonderful news about Sparrow - I hope she's designing her giant sized earrings as we speak!