Express Train

Doesn't stop. Just keeps on keeping on.The Thunder of My Roar. Black antique buttons and amethyst choker.
The Thunder of My Roar.
The only thing keeping my shop from getting whiplash is having to stop to photograph.
The Thunder of My Roar. Black antique buttons and amethyst choker.

But I'm getting faster at that too. Basically anything you do a million times you're going to improve at.Love the Scattering Cloud. Alchemy Victorian Tribal Cosmic Earrings.
I should be photoing some kits I have. I have a LOT of buttons to destash alla sudden.
Fly to Blue Perfection. Cosmic Tribal Victorian Earrings.                            Fly to Blue Perfection. 
If you're gonna get something from the shop and want some buttons, send a convo and I'll stuff your box. 
That's what he said.
Lilacs for Lydia. Victorian Assemblage Earrings with Mop buttons resin fang and amethyst crystal point..                           Lilacs for Lydia. 
OK, you might not be getting the exact calibur calebur calebir calibir caliber as the ones seen here, but, you know, free and all.
Mercy. Victorian Assemblage Earrings with Mop buttons and cut steel shanks.
So here's an anecdote (or antidote as my poor dumb husband has more than once referred to it):Beast of Burden. Rustic Asymmetrical Earrings with Ox Bull Cow Horse.
Mom was telling my 4yrold nephew about her cats.
We Will Teach the Storm. Rustic Black Victorian Cosmic Earrings.

"They sleep during the day and play at night," Mom explained.
The Ocean We Desire to Become. Cosmic Eye Earrings.

"Abuela," he replied all serious,
Say It to my Heart. Hot pink victorian cosmic iridescent asymmetrical assemblage earrings.

"That's called nocturnal."
Soak my Soul. Alchemy in Color Theory.

Can you believe 2 pairs from the previous post that I hadn't posted yet already sold? I gave her that special discount for not making me take more pix and list all fancy. Another help has been basically glossing over the fucking tags. I fucking hate fucking tags.
I haven't chosen a giveaway winner yet. If you still want to dust your shoulders, you have to leave a comment in the previous post. Got it? Good. Oh and if you win and wanna pay shipping, I'll throw in a bunch of buttons.


Sparrow said...

HAHA! Do you know how exciting it is to go to your shop and buy something before someone else gets it first? I do, I just did it. Couldn't keep my heart away from those Lilacs for Lydia, those bitches be smokin'.

Also, it boggles me that a 4 year old knows Nocturnal.

artistic rejuvenations said...

love the thunder of my roar! way love it! seriously. makes me sad that on a teachers budget with no raises and insurance going up, up, up, i just can't afford jewelry anymore. *sad face* poor pitiful me. but i would pay shipping on the earrings, says me for anyone, as that is such a deal. just so you know,and you probably do, that that is very reasonable.have a lovely,lovely day!

betweenreader said...

Oh, I'll pay shipping! There never have been too many buttons and I always have high quality petite French macaroon crumbs on my shoulders that need to be dusted away with something truly elegant, like those earrings. C'est moi! (pretty please with almond paste?)

Anonymous said...

"Antidote, anecdote, hernia, hemorrhoids- lets call the whole thing off!" I think this is exactly how Louis Armstrong sings it! ;)