Flash Sale

I dunno if it really is a flash sale, I just like the sound of the phrase. Through Sunday, apply code SALE20 for 20% off everything EXCEPT TUTORIALS, you sneaky sneaks. Also, if you don't apply the code where it says "apply coupon code" then I can't help you. If you put it in notes to seller, for example. If you buy things so fast you can't look at the screen before you purchase, then you have issues, I dunno.

OK, so I fixed the problems I was whining about with some pretty cool bezel back things made of ol' tin. Excuse the crap pictures but I have shit to do. (Specifically, this weekend I have to go to Wisconsin to not be such an absentee aunt. Thus weekend sale.)
I'll fix that bubble too. Really not sure why I felt the need to point it out in the picture like that, lol.
Q: Why you got a Jesus head on a plate on top of your head?
A: Well, you know, YOLO. *shrugs*

I'm kinda digging these. And I'm working on some cool thick cords to go with them. New mini obsession, thick knotted cords.
I found a tute for making a fishtail braid I might try out. Lots of cool tutes there including----------------->

So many ways to waste time on line! Also considering cookie-cutter bezels. Really wanna try them. Anyone have old tin cookie cutters you wanna trade for random bead crap? Both the ones with and without backs.
Set of 4 vintage cookie cutters - spade - heart - club - diamond Cookie Cutters
Oh, also wanted to share these pix from a book that came with my button haul. They're so gorgeous I feel like I should give it to someone because it's in decent shape and I know in my hands there's a crazy serious risk it will end up all tore up and resinified:
It came in this adorable tin.

It's the color plates I am tempted to use for backgrounds in some resin piece.

end papers.--------------------->

The black and white illustrations are gorgeous too.



Beatnheart said...

actually you should keep those books and start making lace and drawn thread work (lst series) cause that’ll slow you down.
I love these pendants by the way and wish I could make sompin like em. i’s afraid.

Anonymous said...

Scan, photocopy them pics instead. Can't help you with the cutters either, I have 2 oldish ones but they're the size of my hand, far too big. I haven't got the patience for resin and the last time I tried it my cat trode in it and I spent a thankless 3 days trying to remove it! Loving the colours in the images.

Penelope said...

You should just sell the book! I've bought things to take apart and not been able to, in fact that's why fagin's started, mostly. Also I have a stack of books here that I will murder at some point, maybe next week. Mwahaha book murder.

That dude on the metal plate, the pear shaped one with the button up top, is he looking shiftily to the left? Cause it looks like he is and that's hilarious.

Jackie said...

I have a bunch of cookie cutters...both kinds. They're yours if you'd like 'em. Send me an addy and I'll send them to ya.

Love your new goodies! Enjoy your visit, be a good auntie!! Do NOT pinch cheeks!!

Jackie said...

Marina, check your etsy for a message from moi!