Enough of this shit. Back to what's important. Like:
(Guys help, find me a vid or something crazy offensive to right wing lunatics so I can get this retard off my site.) But yeah, star of the east is right, giving this person way more attention than is deserved.
Lookit pretties!
 Also, can I mention how happy I was to learn I wasn't the only one who'd thought up "Gingham Style"? It would have required even more time wasted on the 'puter if I were, as I'd've been forced to make something akin to the above graphic....
Thanks go to Kim/FlotsamTide for alerting me to that very important pop-culture phenomenon.
 I wound this cord like a maniac over the aunty weekend.
 Here's a gorgeous Czech button I got from fancylinda, as well as the other three featured beads. A kutchi here as a clasp as well.
But this and the 1st cord I got from this awful nice lady who makes friendship bracelets.
 Oh and here I took some rhinestone setting bezels, open backed, set them on an old text and filled them with some hot Utee. Cleaver? No wait. Clever? Cleaver is a knife, that wouldn't've made any sense.
Also, on the back of that Buddhist bead with the bit of gold foil, I added a glob of gold powder just to add some interest. Also one of my fancy buttons, another kutchi bit, a bead dangle from my fancylinda haul. 
By the way, I'm on to my 2nd  fancylinda haul. I love the whole vintage glittery cosmic thing. 
I know she has no idea but she sorta turned me on to it. My idea of cosmic was, like, this:
RAINBOW BRITE / Raw Quartz Crystal Necklace - LARGE Rough Druzy Quartz - Metallic Titanium Flame Aura - Astral, Holographic, Fall, WinterAnd it hadn't occurred to me to mix t with the vintage pretties. Then she was all, "I have some cosmic-like iridescents, lets trade!" It takes a village to make a necklace, is what I'm saying.

Look at this, I love her paperweights. What I don't love? The way blogger always sends you back to the top of your post any time you add a link or a non-dragged-in photo. Really hate that.
Other than the fact that I made all the headpins, what I like about this pair is that I put all that glitter on with a thick layer of resin then drilled into the resin to create a little setting for the rhinestones. Clever? Cleaver?
I actually took the time to doodle this:
Lol. It's an idea to use up some fabric because Sparrow sent me a crapload. The cool thing when people send you a great box of goodies is coming up with surprising ideas for things you'd never have gotten yourself on your own.

 I love all my etsyfriends!  I've gotten tons of supplies from my buds out in the universe, come together through this shared love of whatever it is we're doing here, and I'm ever so much the richer. Because of that added element of the unexpected. Like the huge hauls I've gotten from SacredCake and OppulentOddities. I'm so chock-full-a love for y'all nutbags. But not just because of the free stuff, promise.


Kimberly said...

I want some love to so I have some free stuff for you too. I've been a horrible commenteer lately and am wracked with guilt. I am going to do some pendants for my sins now.
What a cool batch o' earrings all inna row and the glittery ones are really something.
Rocking as always,
in appreciation xo Kim

fancylinda said...

Thanks, but I still have no idea how I helped you in any way create these pieces! But thanks. I love the text and utee filled prong settings - that is a genius idea. And those earrings at the bottom are all fantastic.

Jiorji said...

i love you. i want to eat the art things you make, they always look delicious!! lol (not weird at all to say...)

.....and just when i think "yeah i mean everything's been pretty much done"...BAM!!! here you post new things...wow i didn't think of that...!!!!

Flotsam Tide said...

Hmmm my comment didn't post which is odd. In any case look at that line up of earrings! So awesome. I like the inverted bangles and the pair to the far left... those are amazing. The glittery pair with your head pins is spectacular, .. such a kaleidoscope of color. Hooray for the braided cords, they add beautiful width and fullness to your pendants.

I missed the rapid discussion that ensued from Anon, but if she is still following this blog (assuming it is a she) in a non confrontational way without accusation I would ask her to examine why she felt the need to leave such a barbed comment here?

I have always appreciated the open forum that fanci has provided on her site for discussion, and surely you must understand that this is her personal blog where she is able to freely express whatever she wishes. All systems of belief and political views should be tolerated and respected ...including yours. The need to demean others and to use such harsh words is totally unnecessary. Being a first generation Asian American born from immigrant parents I can tell you unequivocally that Barack Obama is not a dictator. I hope you find respite from your anger and find a legitimate source or party to express it too. The world is filled with governments and people who commit heinous wrongdoings. Anon your strong voice in opposition of denial of basic freedoms, and cruelty to humanity would be better served.

Beatnheart said...

geez I miss one day and look at what happened.

well...I smell a fucked up dude... someone stole his blue crayon in kinny garden and he never got over it...now he’s hiding behind big words and bla bla bla...well you messed with the wrong bunch kiddo...scram outta here cause all us girls want to do is have fun and you are not invited.

What is gingham style...missed one day and now I am completely out of the program and missing out on popular culture and trends.

Marina...peace love and everything else. so sorry your being harrassed ...

sandi m said...

Love the cosmic quartz daggers. I have couple strands ~ love, love them. I'm in Chi town, too, and a local bead shop carries them. The coating will n.o.t come off.
Great set of earrings you concocted, too!