Sale. Is what this post was meant to be about.

Audubon's Parrot Bird Brass Cuff Bracelet - Ornithology The Extinct Carolina Parakeet - Black Friday Etsy Cyber Monday EtsyI've been trying out the moderation of comments and so far so good. Except that y'all don't get the satisfaction of seeing your glorious words of wisdom and wit writ large for the world stage. And mind, the comment section of me blag is certainly the world stage. Oh yeah.
So I decided I hated all my cuffs. They look too damn much like this kinda thing-->
Starry Phrophetess by ~Indra-Gora
Here's something pretty from my pinterest.
Which is a fine and lovely thing but not my thing. Also, I feel certain that was made via some kinda technology and not sweating the goo, rubbing bits of paper fiber off the backside of a resined sheets and generally making a big mess. Who'da thought more paper would look more handmade/less paper less so. I'm still real sick if that didn't make sense. So I think I'mna take a torch to those bitches. Maybe I'll save scorpionweenis with some gold foiling. (Also! If your gilder's paste has become a hockey puck, just drip some baby oil/mineral oil on it and voila.)
 I should have pretty pictures to show you but I don't. My point was just to let you know that there's a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale going on at the ol' shoppe.

I actually looked through my old work for some pretty pix for y'all and noticed I used to use a shit ton of beads compared to now. And everything looked like it had been rolled in dirt, examples to follow.
 The Spinning Hand of Fate. Choker.See? Dirty and numerous beads. But I have no insights related to that observation so I think I'ma go hock some loogies at my dog and maybe cough out a lung.
Eye Teeth. RESERVED. Optical Lens Reliquary with Black Bits.Disclaimer: I promise to wash my hands before packaging any purchases and not to include any loogies or lung bits. And with that image in your minds, I can say good bye to any sales for the forseeable future. *bows*


Penelope said...

D'you know when I was in hospital I actually DID cough up a lung. Well, it misaligned, but still. About the using lots of beads...yeah it's different, what you've gotta figure out is- have you lost your way or evolved? Ooooh deeps. I mean it's not like what you make now is rubbish, eh? I also noticed that I use a lot less dirt on my stuff.

Approve me! I want to see my words on stage!

StaroftheEast said...

Your cuffs don't look at all like that other one. The problem with the ephemera is more that they are a story in themselves.
Like, 'Christ, why is Jesus in stereo?' or 'oh, a weenis, long time no see'. Great as conversation starters,or killers, depending of the company :)
The old fashioned beads, metal and stone jewelry fulfill more the role of adorment, of enhancement for a woman's atractiveness, so, yes, dirty or not, beads are winners, I think :)

betweenreader said...

The way I see it, Fanci's work has certain periods to it, like other artists' works do. SO that was the beadsndirt period. I love all of it, beads, dirt, cosmic, whatever, because it is the probing mind and bright spirit of our most excellent Fanci.

Jiorji said...

I think there's a sort of blogger option for comments that you can get them to type those random letters for verification so that you don't get spam posts.