Coupla Notes.

I have to reiterate. You gotsta go here and read this interview a nice lady did of me. She got me actually expressing shit and stuff.
Next, I forgot to share this ring:
This is Love.
Is good? No is good?

Tangent: there was a toddler in Target holding up a key lime pie yogurt waddling after his mom going, "What has in it? What has in it?" And I swooned. Am I the only one that can be taken down by adorable grammar?

 Speaking of adorable, lemme share some spaztic shmanimals with you, just in case you were feeling down->

Also, readbetween found me this no-rhythm having boid->

  If you aren't sure if birds can really dance, shut up->

And finally, these babies are up:
The Beauty. Scarab and Flower Assemblage Pendant. Rustic Shabby Aqua Mint With Ceramic Art Bead.On the Lip of Insanity. Rustic Dark Assemblage Tassel Earrings With African Bone.Where No One Sees You. Rustic Coin Assemblage Earrings.
The Beauty.                                      On the Lip of Insanity.                    Where No One Sees You.
In Your Light. Cosmic Iridescent Earrings with Roman Glass and Patina.One Whole Heart. Pale Rustic Shabby Asymmetrical Assemblage Earrings.Untie Your Wings.  Cosmic Iridescent Assemblage Earrings.
In Your Light.                                    One Whole Heart.                         Untie Your Wings.
The Lover of the World. Cosmic Iridescent Assemblage Earrings.Your Heart Begins to Dance. Rustic Iridescent Assemblage Earrings.Light and Shadow. Cosmic Iridescent Vintage Tassel Earrings.
The Lover of the World.                  Your Heart Begins to Dance.          Light and Shadow.
Weeping. Cosmic Iridescent Eye earrings with Lampwork and Labradorite.Kiss the Ground. Rough Raw Garnet on Chunky Ring.Let Go of Life. Rough Raw Gemstones on Chunky Ring.
Weeping.                                             Kiss the Ground.                            Let Go of Life.   
Where you fear to Live. Rough Raw Gemstones on Chunky Ring.Notorious. Rough Raw Gemstones on Chunky Ring.The Prisoner. Rough Raw Gemstones on Chunky Ring.
Where you fear to Live.                         Notorious.                                   The Prisoner.

Damn. I been busy.


Juliette Williams said...

Yeah, I'm back and what a great post to sink into.

Loving your rings, LOVE them. Those triangular earrings, beautiful!!

Carrie said...

I declare Weeping to be the most beautiful pair of earrings ever made.

That is all.

Flotsam Tide said...

Parrots go Gangnam style? Awesome. That little story of the toddler in Target had me smiling. I am swooning over your jewelz... such beauty and complexity. In your light kills me... they resemble a miniature metal art installation, and those crystal rings are darkly seductive with their facets stacked like archaic totems. Lovely my friend...

Sparrow said...

Well you'd love it around here then, Toby says that kind of stuff all the time! (He's 7 though, so the adorableness is starting to wear off). I love how your post is all animals! animal! LOL parrots! Ohyeahhere'ssomejunkimade. All crushed at the bottom like that half a candy bar in the bottom of a school bag.

Beatnheart said...

I leave this comment for your approval... Or not.
You have your husband laboring away in a back room making rings for you and also a bunch of other people cause how on the heck do u get all this work done... I live in shame.