I have aunty jet-lag right now. It's what happens when you try to shift your sleep schedule to normal for 3 days. Got goodies coming up though. Here's three:
The best story from this weekend was when 3yrold Marcela mentioned something about God. To which 6yrold Carlos very sarcastically retorted, "Who doesn't even exist!"
His mom looked just as quizzical as I felt. We're all basically atheists in my family, but she's certainly not teaching it to these little ones, that's not the kind of thing you want them going on about at school. Especially now that Marcela's going to a -very good- Catholic school. "Carlos,"said my sister, "you can really upset people if you say that. They're teaching Marcela about God in school- which is great!"

"So then how did we get here?" asks a suddenly articulate Marcela. Carlos considers.
"Maybe a dinosaur was laying an egg and he laid a human by mistake. Then he laid all the humans."
A dinosaur. Laid. A human.
And then he laid all the humans.
So there you have a truncated version of human evolution by Carlos Rios Klaus, who is way too logical to believe in God.

A dinosaur. Laid. A human.


StaroftheEast said...

Some kids you got in the family, Marina! They are brilliant :)
And, yes, yeah for mr. Obama, the whole world is relieved!
And your creations are also brilliant, of course, but look out for too much scrapbooking :)

Beatnheart said...

lucky you to get to hang with the kiddies...and be with your family

PipnMolly said...

Nice Obama pic. Joy and relief !
As to your question/comment: How do you have your ventilation set up? maybe I'd do some metal work if I had ventilation...
This blog-
May not suit your circumstance but that's what I did.

Aimrr said...

Your story about your nephew reminded me of when my 8 year old daughter (she is 16 now) said, "How could anyone with half a brain believe in this God stuff?" She is raised by a Buddhist mother and athiest father who thought by not pushing any religion they were helping her freely decide for herself. Needless to say I had to have the same conversation with her about what to say and what not to say in school as not to upset people.

PS: I am a big fan of your blog and your work.

Maggie Zee said...

Great new stuff, as always. If Carlos is right, then humans were a mistake from the beginning. Kinda makes sense.

Anonymous said...

You are from a clan of atheists? But your post begins with a picture of your messiah(s). You have replaced god with a dictator. You follow the same morals that there are in the bible because they have now become mandatory under law. It is extremely unfortunate that wanting to rule and benefit ONE`S SELF is and always will be a fantasy.

Unknown said...

Brilliant telling of the kids' version of events!

Can you imagine the expression on the dinosaurs face when she saw her mutant humanoid hatchling though. "What the actual F is this?!!!" Most unimpressed.

A friend of mine has written a whole entire novel about a planet of dragons. The humans are the aliens. The dragon-people are also a lot more sensible than the humans, and it's actually considered rather rude to call them "dragons" to their faces. I bet Carlos would like it in a couple of years' time :)

richelle said...

I'm trying to make sense of anon's sentiment, there.

Anyway, this is barely related to "dinosaurs laid a human," but it's immediately what came to mind and has always creeped me out and intrigued me on a deep level: the proposal of a 'dinosauroid,' that an upright-walking type of dinosaur (the trodon?) evolved into a humanoid form. The supposed projections of its form are super creepy and not entirely incompatible with common descriptions of 'aliens.'

Skye said...

Oh that 'dinosaur laid a human' needs to inspire someone... if you can't use it, give that one to Anvil and let her find some miniatures to make one of her scenes for it LOL