Hello From Healthyland.

You guys are so cute. Every last one of you wrote "glad you're feeling better" in your comments! Aww, I guess I haven't created monsters after all.

Hi new gals! Make yourselves at home, pull up a chair. We have cupcakes if you'd like any, and strawberry margaritas. Also... where did that... beatnheart! Are you hogging the crack pipe again?! *Rolls eyes for the sake of new guests* Kids, I tell ya!

So today I'm going to blog first before listing so I'm not too out of it to say anything at all interesting here... I'll think of something, hold on...

It's been all about earrings around these parts. These dicrotic cabs look sorta cosmic, hu? Petra bezels, of course.

Here we have some girly bits. I connected headpins to headpins to lengthen the drop, so they ended up with knees.

More fishing spoonage.

Needless to say, the gilding's still in full effect. All the scattered supplies all over my floor are foiled now. It's fancy.

Had to make another cuff.  They're fun to make and while mostly easy, the last 2 were made stupidly difficult by the fact that I used new tin. Meaning that I had to spend hours scraping and sanding all the pint off. Really dumb waste of time. 
Four different gifts went into these! ceramic charms, Petra, ancient stone discs, Corvid, typewriter keys, SacredCake and teeth, elertsted- She's the one that made those earrings that at 1st glance I thought I'd made?  And I showed you this drawer of amazeball goodies of hers? Well, she sent practically all of them to me!

More of the teeth- she sent enough to fill several mouths. Sorry, Sparrow, I know they creep you out. But that's what I like about them.

She also sent a ton of rusty ol' leaves of every shape size and material. 
I think these are zinc, or an alloy of zinc and aluminum. Maybe. Those are Shipwreck caps that I added this antiqueing glaze to which made them somehow shiny. I never know what the end result of anything I do will be.

 I'm trying out some tooth/bezel possibilities. Some tags, leaves and branch sprigs.

The tiniest frozen Charlottes (oh, yeah, she sent two) you've ever known to exist.
A whole mess of glass doll eyes. And I think those are moose or deer teeth. And look at the tiny porcelain lemon squeezer! Eeeeek!

A buncha cool industrial bits that made me poop my pants.

Ok, The bright orange eye, I put into that antique ... candle clip christmas tree ornament thing. To try out. But the other one, in the pod? It's so snugly fit in there that I think it was placed before the pod dried out! Is that nuts? And an enamel shield that's actually a brad in the back (i.e. crazy easy to attach to anything). And also about 4 or 5 of these amazing branches with all different types of leaves on them. Including grape bunches! *Brain explodes*

More industralia. Each of these bits gets my wheels spinning in 10 different directions at once.  Cuz of all the possibilities. REminds me of when I'd get a huge haul in Uruguay, then take it all out of a zillion baggies at the end of the day, review what I'd scored and just stare at everything. While creaming my pants, creatively speaking.

Tons of those Christmas Tree candle clips. Look at the porcelain wheel... pulley? Caster? 

Here's the grape clusters.

Oh this orgasmic woodblock with this fancy old fashioned letter on it- A? G? Who knows. Of course I've already gilded it. And another porcelain something, and about a million alligator clips... But wait. What are those two longish flat stick things with the foil? Did she sent piano ivory as well?

Nope. That's from SacredCake. I thought it wouldn't be fair to share this German bounty without showing some faves from my most recent American surprise.
<--See those there? They're not ivory... They almost feel like very brittle plastic, but that could mean bone. You know those are getting cut up into earring dangles right quick!
Look at the little girl scout! And every imaginable kind of fancy finding. Bottle caps- ie, bezels.

This tin plate kills me. Antique African chevron glass. Some cash register keys I've already started putting bails on, this glorious little tea infuser cap, wooden toggle, piece of music box...

Oh, another bird for those bracelets that always go so damn fast! I'm head over heels in love with that Canada pin.

A little square box locket I could make some kind of assemblage in. Love the plastic rose!

All kinds of things. Including these circles onto which she etched a poem. However, I dont have the complete poem, just chunks like "were the" "if I" "pour myself"! But they're going to be awesome in earrings.

Oh! Almost forgot! From my German lot, this crazy animal... upper jaw?

It's huge. See the tusks on either side? See the little white tips coming out of the bottom? They go all the way through!

And come out quite easily. Here it looks like a hand. Maybe a sloth hand?

I could saw down the top chunk and make a serious fitted bezel from thick metal... End up with a Viking necklace or something...

Til next time, babies. 


Anonymous said...

love the smith bros...my dad would talk about them...i like bones, teeth creep me out a little...thyme

Juliette said...

I am flipping over your new things!!!

The eyes put into the flowers - so Bosch.

Those teeth, and the jaw... and I love the earrings with the typewriter keys!

I might have some dismantled beehive pieces for you, by the way? ;)

Beatnheart said...

That haul is too good to be true except for that last thing which just about grosses me out to the grody max and the idea of you sawing it in half makes me want to take another hit.

Penelope said...

EYES. TEETH. NO. I had to put my hand over the monitor while they scrolled past. I forbid you to show those ever again. Or at least put a warning on the start of the post. Especially that last thing- don't you know I'm EATING here!?

I love how the first pair of earrings is made from cough drop tins while you're sick, I like the idea you ate all the antique cough drops therein first.

Flotsam Tide said...

I will have to show my kid the girl scout brooch she will dig it. Can't take credit for the typewriter keys those came from someone else. I love the eye in the pod, it looks so malevolent and intent. Your earrings with knees are too cool, I am enjoying your Midas touch.

stregata said...

Definitely ivory - must be piano keys - but ivory they are...
And the last - looks like wild boar to me.
Good ... girl - you don't even need to shop on etsy anymore - your supplies just fly into your house.

Anonymous said...

So generous and kind of elertsted to send you all those fab items. So would have loved to have been there when she filled out the custom form- what's in it..beads, tin, stampings, some eyes,teeth and a dead thing! Is it a gift? Yes. Your sending eyes, teeth and a dead thing ..has a gift!

Vintajia Adornments said...

woooooaaaahh some serious cargo cult stuff happening here!
(Vintajia paints face, beats tom-toms and stares at the sky waiting for the plane load of goodies to arrive)

Petra Carpreau said...

Holy crap, it's no wonder you were creaming and pooping your panties when you opened that extreme parcel!! If this is what the spectacularly generous elertsted was able to give away, how fantastic must her own stash be??!!!It makes the mind boggle to think about such a wonderful sight. Well, you're going to have some serious fun with that lot. I LOVE all the unsavoury stuff!

Alice said...

I would never leave my house if I had all these goodies! I'm jealous!

Enjoy playing!

betweenreader said...

I'm with beatnheart, except I am almost certain it's part of a boar. Foil just one tooth? It's all luscious, but how did John Wayne end up on that stamp from Uruguay?

Rosie Moceri said...

Love the tin stuff. Just love it! How can I get a Danish Christmas cookie tin to look that cool? ;)

Anvilartifacts said...

Brahahaha yes, 13- exactly what I was thinking! It's all amazing but the eye in the pod and the grapevine are fabulous. Very cool glass eyes too! So wonderfully generous of her! Can't wait to see what you do with all of it! :). Hmmmmm my husband would be thrilled if I sent you that whole skeleton I have out in the garage. That's a thought.

Beatnheart said...

Hey I think I know where the crack pipe is... It's hanging offa the neck of some lawyer lady in Washington DC.

Jen said...

Holy Guacamole Batman! That's quite the haul. I'd be jealous except I'm trying to downsize. Must. Not. Go. On. Ebay. argh!

fyi ... that's a LOWER jaw bone.
As a Bone Collector from way back. :)

Numinosity said...

Wow, it's all so...sooo.... envy, covet, jealous worthy. My problem is that I would be hard pressed to use any of it I would ratstash it and bring it out to whisper, "my precioussss" every once in awhile. Only thing that woks for me is if I get a dozen of sometheengs and then I can use about 8 or so with out hesitation and then there would be a small anxiety about how. I would replenish.
OK, I'm exaggerating a little bit and I am trying to get over my stash hoarding... you are helping me with that for sure. I love all the guilding you're doing, I found those packets of foil in Thailand and have been saving them from every trip.
I only had time to visit a few blogs while I was in India and yours was one of them I have to say.
xoxo Kim

martinisfor2 said...

seriously...i love you...

Jackie said...

Damn, I did it again, I hate it when my brain misfires! I posted this on the wrong place. Duh! Sorry. So here it is now in the right place!

I'm so glad you've returned to Healthland!! But you sure were busy while you were in Sickville, just look at all the awesome pieces you made. Then there's all those fab pics of your loot! As always I can't pick a favorite!

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

i wuv ewe.