How much do I love y'all's redonk comments?

Juliette Williams wrote, "I might have some dismantled beehive pieces for you, by the way? ;)"
Well you might or you do? Don't tease me!

Light.  Miniatures Lightbulb Earrings with Gold Gilding.
Little Brown Sparrow wrote, "I forbid you to show those ever again." Good luck with that.

Merciful.  Miniatures Lightbulb Earrings with Gold Gilding.
stregata, "your supplies just fly into your house." OMG, right? I just got 2 convos from random people who wanna thank me for all my 'generosity' by sending me more goodies. AAAAAAGHGHGHHH!!! One of the unintended benefits of letting it all hang out, I guess.

Crepuscle. Rustic Gypsy Druzy and Tribal Talisman Earrings.
Petra Carpreau, "If this is what the spectacularly generous elertsted was able to give away, how fantastic must her own stash be??!!!" She says her husband is ready to toss everything out the door. It's piled up everywhere. (Oh, you asked before if that was blood on that paw you sent. It was rust shmutz, from oxidizing. Gets everywhere and I don't fight it.) By the way, I love your name, Petra, but every time I see your last name I think "crapperooo".

The Sea Gone off with the Sun. Long Rustic Gypsy Assemblage Dangles.
Alice, "I would never leave my house if I had all these goodies!" Exactly.

Stranger in My House. Rustic Victorian Tribal Earring Assemblage with Golden Foil.
betweenreader, "how did John Wayne end up on that stamp from Uruguay?" Oh man, you cracked me up. (Or as my mom would but it, "I crack. I totally crack.") Turns out that lopsided expression was the result of some of my ever-present shmutz getting on it... Mr. Wayne is not a revered historical figure in my country, turns out.

Fall into the Sun. Rustic Victorian Tribal Earring Assemblage with Turkoman Buttons.
Rosie Moceri, "How can I get a Danish Christmas cookie tin to look that cool?" Warp, twist and hammer it into a crumpled clump. Then hammer it back flat. Then spend a few years of your life sanding then scratching off the paint with whatever pointy thing you can find within reach. Then get carpal tunnel.

Self-thinking. Rustic Victorian Tribal Earring Assemblage with Golden Foil.

Jen, "Holy Guacamole Batman!" Great, now I want some guacamole. 

My Mind is My Temple. Antique Religious Medals white Fabric Scraps.
NuminosityBeads, "I am trying to get over my stash hoarding." I am the anti-hoarder! Hear me roar! No, really. What's the point of having it all tucked away where no one can see it? Is it a matter of not wanting to 'ruin' it? Fuck that! That is the number one mistake folks make. Go forth, my children, and ruin shit! If nothing else, you will learn something. 

The One Who Deserves Your Love. Rustic Victorian Gypsy Hoops with Bottle Caps.
Melinda, "I am still laughing over the term 'Supply Porn.'" I dunno what I like more, when people like my creations or my funnies. Hee, hee. *wiggles happily in chair*

The End of Greatness. Rustic Bracelet with Leather Strap and Gold Foiled Agate Beads.
martinisfor2, "seriously...i love you..." This.... This is all happening so fast... I mean, I barely know you... You'll have to give me some time.... time to think.... I'm not saying 'no'.... I just need time...

The End of Greatness. Rustic Bracelet with Leather Strap and Gold Foiled Agate Beads.I'm sure I'm missing questions and requests... I'm so befuddled by martinis declaration ... if there's stuff in the forum I should be aware of (questions and such) let me know. Congrats to beatnheart for being the 1st one ballsy enough to start her own new thread! Wooo-Hoooo!


Juliette Williams said...

Hah! Okay, no teasing meant.

If you'd like some dismantled beehive, plus maybe some other things I have here (I live in the redwoods about 10 miles from the beach, so there are lots of fun things to collect) - email your address to artintheredwoods (at) gmail (dot) com.

Your friend,
Juliette :)

PS, if anyone else is interested, let me know. I like to share the crazed wealth with friends of like minds! And if exchanges/trades come to mind, I'm all for it!

Beatnheart said...

Can I email you my address so I can get a shitload of crap sent to mt house cause I'm ballsy enuf just to ask straight up

stregata said...

Fanci - (okay now, wiping eyes from giggling... get a hold on myself...) - you can't run away with martinisfor2 - the rest of us will die of heartbreak and 'stuff' withdrawal...

Kim Gish said...

Squeee all these beautiful things, I am loving every thing you made, my covetous heart desires all of this. Um this: "Fuck that! That is the number one mistake folks make. Go forth, my children, and ruin shit! " had me laughing out loud. What sage advices. And total props to beatnheart for starting her own thread and hitting you up for loot. Aww you favorited the beaver chewed sticks... that's awesome.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ahem... I never said you couldn't show the lightbulbs! Knock yourself out on bulbs, go bulb-shit crazy. (see what I did there?) I forbid the eyes and teeth, I did. And that still holds.

Alice said...

Oh dear, here we go again with you showing your fabo stuff, and me wishing I had both the time and talent to put together something half as good.

I'm loving those 'Sea Gone off with the Sun' earrings! The color and texture is wonderful!

Have a Happy Valentines Day, and a great week too!

betweenreader said...

Today I shall go forth and ruin shit (in addition to walking The Dog).

NuminosityBeads said...

Good advice, Thanks... I needed that. I think I'm ruining my hands in the process too. I'm trying pace myself but I vow to use some of my treasures and hopefully do them justice in the process.
This is delicious spread today on your blog. Thanks for that too.
xoxo Kim

Petra Carpreau said...

Those Crepuscular dudes are making me go all funny in the same way Futility did (which remains my fave). Love the stranger in your house too, and not just because it's wearing my dentures!
Lovely new pieces - are these some of the results from your Elertsted haul? Her old man was going to 'toss it all out'????? Whaaaaat? Maybe he'll see these beauties and have a change of heart.


Beatnheart said...

Hey Kim Gish! Omg those beaver chewed sticks! I had to call the old man in fer that one and we both lol... I love those and a lot of the other cool stuff you've got...
I ruin a ton of stuff and my hands well they're toast

Michelle York said...

I thought I could stay away from your site but it is an impossibility..hahah Your madness is so infectious..and needed in this crazy world. Creativity Rules!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

See, this? This is why I love to come and visit here. I haven't been able to come over for a bit, and I fear I have missed a lot. You are an elegantly wild child, Miss Fanci. I love that. That and the summons to "go forth and ruin shit". Amen! You have inspired me to beat the crap out of something when I get home.
Enjoy the day!

13 said...

The toggles on stranger in my house are looking awesome and loving the bracelet. I ruin shit on a regular basis, but my results just scare my cat.

Anvilartifacts said...

gorgeous new earrings, no surprise there! Those lightbulbs are just blowing my mind! I have some teeny tiny ones that are now destined to become grungy earrings.
I can't help but feel sorry for Mr. Devices. Does he know yet? LOL

martinisfor2 said...

your running commentary has me cracking up! did i sound that weird??? hee hee hee

i love your latest creations was the gist of it! you have such a fabulous imagination to take items that would end up in the trash or in cigar boxes on garage shelves, pair them with gems and handmade charms and baubles and turn them into works of art. i wish i could go back in time to my dad's workbench and the cigar boxes and coffee cans in our garage. i would have a treasure trove to share with you all! i find myself searching the ground when i'm out walking now.

happy valentines day everyone!

Suzyfrank said...

I stalk your blog regularly, and you are an inspiration. I want to have your art babies

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Hi! Here eating a heart shaped donut and thinking I really, really like that gold leaf stuff. I'm gonna get me some. And then I can and will go forth and creat!!! Lori

Jackie said...

I'm on love with that Fall into the Sun pair of earrings. Where do you get those awesome twisty pearly dangles? I've been searching but can't seem to find any. Oh well, I must get to ruining shit, thanks so much for that permission!! I feel so free now!!

Rosie Moceri said...

Love the twisty metal on the "Stranger ..." earrings!