Half an Update.

These are the things I'm going to show you today:
As the week goes on, though, I'm going to also list these things in the shop:

So instead of dumping twenty things on you at once, you have some time to absorb it all. Thank you Sparrow for the idea.

Eternity Transcending.
Sacred reliquary with Gobi Desert Agate.
From my listing description:
Gobi Desert Agate are ancient stones which are tumbled for thousands of years by the sands of the desert. This tumbling is what gives them their special pitted texture and luminous finish. Nomads from China, Tibet 
 and Mongolia collect these prized stones and sort them by size, color and shape.

Look at the drop in the center. That is naturally occurring texture and it makes me swoon.
That's the fanciest piece of the batch.

A Delicate Balance.
The name is because so many elements are balanced in this (for me very) minimal necklace

"A coin has a certain masculine seriousness, as opposed to the fantastical whimsey of the bronze pendant, but it is light and flat while the other is thick, substantial and very dimensional. The female portrait, as well as the glass opal, adds a pretty, feminine touch.
All of these elements are united by size and color so as to balance and play off each other instead of clashing against each other."
I feel like this little baby is initially unassuming but as you take into account all the special bits that went into it you realize ... well, that you have to charge more for it. There's Desert Agate here too. Also a gorgeous polymer pendant charm by another new obsession, JBDRusticOrganic. The layering of the 4Ophelia link over the ceramic disc allows these flat pieces to blend into a thick and chunky necklace.
Telluricof or arising from the earth or soil, terrestrial
Did somebody say Gobi Desert Agate? And graduated beads? And shades of earthy red?

The clasp button and big salmon ceramic add a pretty counterbalance to all the rustic.
Moving away from all the warm amber browns...

Spirit Song.
Look at this pretty bird on its swing!

I love you pretty bird.

These doughnut/rondelle/heishi/??? are also from JBDRusticOrganic. I didn't do much to create this necklace, I just wanted to feature these amazing polies. Gotta admit I was surprised and a bit awed at how good they look with these pretty vintage beads.

The watery color stain effect was made with transfers of the artists' own art work. And the artist? Is a man!!!

Grandma's Cupboard.
Bright simple fun. A true hodgepodge assemblage bracelet.
Electric Heliotrope.
I made them there crackled babies! I forgot to mention when I was describing my process last time that I got their not-quite-round shape by using inclusions. I took all the scraps I cut to facet other, already-baked, polybabies, and incorporated them with the raw clay. It produced these wobbly almost-spheres which I really appreciate because it's too easy for everything to end up just round.

Syzygy- A conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon and the sun
How perfect is that definition for really anything I make? Top rings and glass hexagon from Teapotsandtelephones.
OK, that's it for now, but there's ten more things to come during the week. Follow my instagram @fancifuldevices for updates.
Today's gif theme is wee rodents.
cute sleeping sleepy mouse goodnightrabbit mouse thief thug carrot
eating hungry mouse nom om nom nomfun mouse backflip flipping mice
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