Ok, ladies. More photos from lightless land.
 Here we have some cabs with fuzzy spots right where you'd want them- over the top face area. Oy vey.
 Here I added gold foil on these seeds I found in Uruguay. Which on the base of I put buttons. Buttons of which I put on the base? And all these vintage plastic goodies are from here which I traded for a pair of earrings. When my husband saw these he said "Hey! Little hamburgers!" 0.o
 More tarots.
The Orphaned Mind. Grey Asymmetrical Found Object Dangles with Lampwork. I updated these with gold leaf, from these:
 I found another ring I made! Not that they've been marching off the shelves or anything.
 I resined a ton of post backs on a ton of things to make a ton of earrings.
 Like here with kuchi bits, tarot resins and a buncha gold leafing.
This one has an over-the-top gold theme.
 This one I stenciled with this very dimensional gold paint made with beeswax before resining over top.
 She represents the moon, and happens to wear a moon over her whoo-ha.
 Oh you guys I'm so pimsed and achey and grumpy right now. Muah.
Here's the inside of this:
I dunno. I hate everything I made right now. But it might be the grumpies.


Juliette Williams said...

Haha! You had me at hooha. Love that piece, but the way you described it had me going there. Hope you feel better soon. xoxo

artistic rejuvenations said...

the neckpiece with the openy box with cool images is beauty. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Awesome cool batch.
Adore the tarots. LOVE the gold beeswax moon whoo-ha piece! Motion & texture ;)

betweenreader said...

Oh it's the grumpies; these are some of the beautifulest, especially the earrings. The little hamburgers have etched a hole in my want-it lobe.

Jokke said...

I like what I see.

Jennifer Valentine said...

New word. Hooha.
Love it!
And all the new colorful pieces!