I forgot to share these earrings. These were with my batch of yucky pictures, but they're not looking all that yucky to me now.
 But that's not the point of this post. The point is this sorta new-found peace I gots with my makings.

Lemme tell you. Two days ago for no apparent reason I did something I haven't ever done. I started looking through my blog. I kept clicking further and further back through my posts and it was like a revelation.
The The Garden of All Hope. Cosmic Rustic White Found Object Necklacer with Gold Leaf, Buffalo Tooth.
Random thing found clicking through blog.
And what was revealed? That I've made a shit ton of stuff! Like masses of things. Moreover, despite my worries, I've actually sold the vast majority of it. I always focus on what doesn't sell because, well, it's there in my shop staring at me every day, but in fact, that is not the norm.
The Strange Pull. Rustic Victorian Cosmic Iridescent Earrings with Roman Glass, Micromosaic and Gemstones.
Random sold thing.
And realizing this filled me with such amazement. I've been fretting so much about these bits I buy and why isn't everything sold... but good lord. If I go to my listings and look at the 'sold out' section, I can see my sales minus the tutes and it says 1532. Which my mind can't even play Boggle with.
Sold way fast.
 Although that counts listings that were paid in installments or times when the tutes did momentarily sell out.  But still! And as I look through and remember each element... I realize that I do use the supplies I buy, duh. I use tons of supplies and my oversupply panic is nuts.
True Alchemy.
All this with the interference film I think I sold to the same person.
And I don't know if I'm still trying to prove to my family that I can do this or what... Cuz it's pretty obvious I was born for this and it's not like I'm sitting around watching cartoons. I mean, I am, but only as background.... And even if I did starve doing this- which I'm not- this would SO be worth starving for!
Oh, hey, I remember you!
So as much as I hate New Years resolutions- because if you want to do something, do it, and if you can't force yourself (ie, me and exercise) making a resolution isn't gonna help- I will nevertheless resolve to stress less and enjoy more in 2013.
This one was a surprising fan fave.
A re-work of a bracelet from forever ago.
Specifically, stress less about shit not selling and about buying supplies. And I even know how- just click back through my blog. In fact, I've felt more peaceful about my biznass in the past two days than ever before. So I just wanted to share because my world was so rocked.
As a Sta IIr. Cosmic Tribal Talisman Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
Should make more of these...

Also niece and neph came for christmas and my gift of a huge bag of craft supplies was quite the hit. When my sister asked Marcela what she was holding-it was a baggie of googlie eyes- she said "This is eyeballs for my humans."


Kathy Barrick said...

What a great revelation to have. Good for you! You now have license to buy, to shop, to spend, and it's guilt free. Life doesn't get much better! Congratulations on all those sales!

Unknown said...

Ah, there you go! You're feeling just a fraction of the awe
I feel seeing your work. Supplies, shoot, I'm going to backhoe all my supplies into my grave when I go.
ings with real money.

Penelope said...

That's one of the things I admire about you, that you can just use supplies like 'that'. You're alwasy all 'ahhh so many things must use' but really, if I used all my supplies to the level you do, I'd probably run out in a month, and that freaks me out because I have the opposite problem as you, I get supply hoardingness, where I make something and I think 'ooh no I can't use that, I need to save that for something special - like what I'm making isn't. So in 2013 I have to treat everything I make as something special.

Also I think you've single-handedly proved that someone can make a living selling affordable art jewelry, and that itself proves to you AND your family that yes, this is what you're here to do.

Alice said...

Yay, I'm so glad you had this revelation!!! I think there's a lesson learned here: we all need to be kind to ourselves and see the good things we've done, and not just focus on what we haven't done.

Your stuff is gorgeous!

darlene said...

i did the same thing yesterday! said to my tommy that i wasn't selling. then, as i was looking at albums of my work i realized i have little of it left. etsy is my focus when i'm on break, but not a strong selling spot. every where else is good, but i wasn't focused on that. perhaps it is a season of reflection whether we realize it or not. you are very gifted and talented and obviously make it work. as my buddy clive would say ~good on ya then!~ xoxo

Jiorji said...

that part where you say you're still kinda trying to prove to your family something or other about your craft, kinda struck me because it makes me feel like being an artist, unless you're making millions, staying at home "crafting" is somewhat unacceptable. I fight the same fight with my family and i'm sure a lot of other people do too. sigh...just accept that as artists we;re a rare breed and nobody can understand the awesomeness :D
and at family dinners or whatever, just start talking about unicorns and sparkles and i'm sure they'll back off :D

martinisfor2 said...

your jewels are to die for! we all, as in your stalkers, know when you sell. it's like a built in twinge we feel and we know one of our favs has gone to a good home.

happy new year and may all your faithful, sometimes silent, followers be as blessed with sales as you in the comming year.

Flotsam Tide said...

I am so happy to hear of your breakthrough. You are a huge success in your art, and your path, and you should feel grounded and secure in that. I can't wait to see what you will bring in 2013. Those earrings with the cut coins.. yah... those still haunt me. :) love ya

Anonymous said...

I always thought your "oversupply panic" was a bit odd, because it seems that every time I have sent you stuff, it usually appears in finished pieces within a two week period. That's why I like sending you stuff! I am so glad you have come to this revelation. You ARE a great success at what you do, and all of us who follow your blog know that. Just keep on doing what you do!

Jennifer Valentine Morford said...

you completely rock the hizzouse!
you do.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Okay, so maybe you thought we were all stalking you becasue we are just truly freaks? So glad that the revelation came about...you work and your kindness helps to push all of us crazy art freaks along - when family doesnt quite get the boxes of "junk" I go to your blog and know that if I'm insane then it's the best and most enjoyable insane anyone has ever had. Hey, Marina - How about listing a few ways us more anal retentive people can "grime" up our work. I need some guck and cant get it.

Laura said...

HEY, my earrings are in this blog post. Well, earrings that I showed my husband and he magically bought them. I LOVE them and the other pair I have with the fake teeth. I get tons of compliments on them and I always love the reaction I get when I say, do you see the fake teeth? Seeeee them right there! Sometimes, I can't even bear to look at your new good bc I knew there will be something else that I really, really want but can't afford right now. Sigh. Yous be awesome!

Laura said...

Flotsam- I have those earrings! :) They are very beloved.

StaroftheEast said...

So, you were the only person left who didn't know that you make awesome stuff!
Where have you been all this time, girl?

Petra Carpreau said...

Star of the East - Ditto that!!