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Just had to share the box full of orgasmic ecstasy I received for the glorious Sacred Cake. Just to make y'all jealous.
A round scroll which will be perfect at the center of a victorian tribal extravaganza.Here we see triple-pierced grungy bone squares.
Here some scallop-set cabs depicting poseidon. 
Garnet drops, tokens, medals.
This amazing bronze faux quarter whose color is so flippin' gorgeous, I might actually forgo oxidizing!
What is this glorious pearl thing? I don't know but it's mine now and I'm not giving it back!  Not to mention this itsy boy who is so perfectly grunged.
Look! This I will oxidize. You can't tell but it's HUGE.
These are nothing like the sparrows you see all over, they are so special and unique! I can't pick what to make with them! And the ball locket is the size of a big marble.
Shaped like a shield, encrusted w/teal stone chunks, slightly cracked.
And what? What happened here?
A giant screw button!  
I've never had a sign-over-jezuz charm! And the flower stem will make a fab connector, boldly sans flowers!
Look! mesh leafwings!  
All dice should come with crusty corners.   
And they all came in the cutest, littlest cigar box! It was like half a normal cigar box.
But that's not all. I also discovered the awesome automatic fixes provided by ps elements can be done entire batches at a time!  In fact, check out this amazing curved MOP cufflink. That disgusting thumb distracting? Well, check it out---->
Same thumb, no grodey dremel injury!  Ok, maybe I over softened it, but I was so thrilled with my pretty thumb!
I also got to de-pink my fingers. All the automatic color corrections left them fluorescent pink.  Look at that button!
Carved bone beauty! 
And I made another tutorial for missficklemedia, and it was much easier the second time around. Maybe cuz I chose an easier project, but, yeah. I got all kindsa photo superpowers developing here.


Jennifer Valentine said...

You are so kind to mention me here...and the goodies....I am thrilled that you love them and I can hardly wait to see their transformation into something spectacular, as always....

~Debi said...

Omgosh. I am so jealous. Gorgeous stuff!! You are gonna be having so much fun.

Congrats on the second tutorial :)

stregata said...
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stregata said...

What a fantabulous box of glorious goodies!!!! Sacred Cake really does love you.
That "pearl thing" is probably a hat pin. Can you pull one of the pearls off? Then it definitely is.
Oh, oh, and you got a beautiful sewing machine bobbin! I have an antique sewing machine with bobbins like that! Aren't they gorgeous?

Spirited Earth said...

wow this is a fabulous( jealous) box of goodies..
i have a secret love of all things scottie, that one is a little gem.
can't wait to see what you create from this stash.

Anonymous said...


Opulent Oddities said...

Great finds girl child!

Anonymous said...

привет, классный форум!

fanciful devices said...

You said it anonymous!
both of you!

KristyK said...