Debi FTW!

Do you guys think embossing powder is the same as embossing enamel? Because Debi guessed embossing powder. Do I owe her the certificate? Hmm... She should get it just on account of how many guesses she made, as well as making me lol w/the tree sap one- what would I be doing w/a spoonful of tree sap?
OK, Debi. You win! Ima go convo you.  
The $20 dollar one is still up for grabs, people!


stregata said...

Did you heat it up and then "quench" it in cold water??? Hmmm?
So, tell us, already.

*Debi* said...

In my defense, you did say "you'll never guess," so I was trying to think of non-crafty stuff that looked like that. Glad I made you lol. Why would you have pine sap? Well, I've watched a lot of "Hoarders" and people do collect some realllllly weird stuff. Or maybe you are making homemade amber or gum. Not saying you are weird...or a hoarder...and amber takes millions of years... ok, I'll shut up now. *giggle*

fanciful devices said...

Nooooooo! Hoarders is my nightmare! Agh!
But the 'weird' I'll accept.