Photo Trials

I've been using the 'portrait' setting on 'macro'. I like it but it becomes blurry if my hand isn't as still as a rock. Now I can't remember why I chose this setting. I've been trying 'auto' today, and it doesn't blur nearly as much.
Though it also doesn't come up as sharp, even w/my tinkering.
Or over-tinkering.
I have decided to get photoshop elements, Sparrow's recent mind-bendlingly beautiful pictures may have been a deciding factor. Maybe.
Moving now from the wall to the floor, I found this horror waiting for me this morning:
Gonna have to get it off and start from scratch, I did not intend for minty green hearts!
Look at this lovely something! I'm gonna use it as the base for that heart. Thanks so much, Sparrow! (Do I mention her 50x per post?)
This gal's still in limbo. Limbo lower now:
See that washed out quality? And this is after a bunch of fiddling w/the contrast and brightness....
Some junk. I love me some junk.
No one's guessed the stuff in the spoon, though Debi came closest with 'melted embossing powder'.  She also got the funniest guess with 'tree sap.' However, no one addressed how it got in that shape. I'm gonna give it away now w/the following pictures.

Weird color going on here.
Now do you know? It's UTEE- Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel, w/some UTEE Flex mixed in.  How about this: $20 gift certificate to the one that can tell me how it got in that shape.


*Debi* said...

Dang, should have specified UTEE. That's the only one I know of. Oh well. lol

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Did you stick it in the oven?

I'm going to have to swear alot now, because those limbo things are awesome- and that resin shot!!!!!! Swearing swear, woman! I looooove the little lamas, and those purple teardrops, did you collage them? I am SO stealing that idea. I'm getting back into collaging everything.

stregata said...

I have no idea how it got in that shape - since I have yet to find a place here where I can get that UTEE. But your little pieces are so intriguing - can't wait to see where they will be used.

Jennifer Valentine said...

OK! I KNOW where you got the shape for these...it's been driving me crazy but i'm thinking old shoe heels?

fanciful devices said...

old shoe heels? it was a brass oval i cut in half! lol- much easier.

Jennifer Valentine said...

Well....old shoe heels would have worked too! ......mmmmmmaybe.