Finally got some post-ready pictures. 
Yesterday I was working on my 1st tutorial ever, and it was a mess.
It was for missficklemedia's e-book I'm waiting with baited breath to see if they suck ass or will be at all acceptable.
Meanwhile I should be getting ready for work.
So I'm actually brushing my teeth while I blog.
One handed typing.
Note: This stuff's up in the store now. And missfickle loved my pictures!!!)


Pretty Things said...

Brushing your teeth? Hoot! Hilarious. And talented!

Speaking of talented -- wow. Amazed at your awesome design talent. LOVE what I see!

~Debi said...

Good luck on the tutorial! Lovely new items :)

missficklemedia.com said...

Love. This.
And your project! Although it is not for an ebook! It is for an actual pull-off-the-shelf-be-inspired-by-big-beautiful-pictures type of book!
I am so glad you are willing to share a how-to of your amazing style! Thank you!

TesoriTrovati said...

And even suck ass is something. You learn from your suck ass moments, right? Because if you didn't that would just SUCK ASS.

Just sayin'.


Enjoy the day!

stregata said...

LOL! Love the poppy verse necklace!
One handed typing - I do it sometimes, when my kitties insist on lying on my arm, while I am on the computer... ridiculous! LOL

fanciful devices said...

wait- where did i get ebook then?
wait- wow a real book!
and thanks guys for the comments. its so lovely to hear from you all, and such positive feedback. - they're up in the shop now. i've been encouraged to raise prices, just a warning.

romantic decay said...

Congrats for you and Missfickle!

Jennifer Valentine said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pins...always loved the Dirty Boutonnières. Hope they will make a comeback too...you are a talented lady and I love wearing your work. (lots of love in this comment eh?)
ah well. You are loved!