Around the Studio.

 Here's a thing. The mounted coin I got from a guy on the street who made lovely wire work. I curved it, tried the whole background thing I did with the Elizabeth coin. But actually, I did a lot of photoshop to make it look even. In fact it didn't work so well, cuz the relief is lots shallower, so using the alcohol ink blending solution got it everywhere... So I ended up using a Sharpie. And it's too uneven. I'll figure something out.

I feel like I've made this bracelet before. But still fun to make again.

Look at this- I'm totally on a dusty pink kick.
Ok, so these aren't done. But I can't think of how to make them more interesting. So I'm thinking of maybe a lariat. 

Hang the bead dohickies on dangles below? Hmm, not bad...

Speaking of dusty pink, this one is both pink and totally girly. What with the teacup and flowers and smooshed velvet strawberry.

Here's what I'm having issues with. 
 I'm totally psyched about making a cuff with hinges.
 I'm totally psyched about these embossed tin anatomy plates.
Substantially less psyched when realizing that this is is sooooo wide that I either have to hut it- heaven forefend- or angle it to make it more of a cone. Which sucks because it took enough effort just to make it cylindrical. I kinda can't handle the idea of having to cut it up and re-shape. Ok, but besides that, how bizarre is my pairing of the skeleton with the kitchy polka dots? But it does match.
And to think I coulda just:
Well, next time.

Anyhow, thank you anvil for alerting me to the alcohol ink sealing I think I have just the thing...
RESERVED Somewhere In Time recycled tin assemblage earrings by Anvil Artifacts
By AnvilArtifacts

And the bracelet below is not only pink but plastic! Well, some of the beads are plastic. And the copper part is a part an earring by the same guy who made the mounted coin above.

Oh and anvil, in her latest post, also alerted me to some interesting goings-on about town (ie, our neck of the blooogs), the most interesting of which I think is a whole series of posts by pipnmolly illustrating her very unique process. She's carving bakelite and making killer inro box pendants ... Shesh. After looking at them I felt like a flippin' assembler. But it's cool- I'm a bricoler.

See the process of making these starting with this post.

(Oh, and Alice- I make my husband open enverything for me, even plastic soda bottles. The anvil is, like, 3 inches tall. And hammering actually means less muscle is necessary. I can out-wimp any of you!)


Beatnheart said...

hey you gave me one of those strawberries...I’m still looking at my theeengs.

yeah pipnmolly is a genie us.

wish i had me a guts bracelet.

alteredarcheology said...

Polka dot skele-boy is a hoot! Those anatomy plates are killer, can't wait to see more from those. Ladies do check out Pipnmolly's blog, I was astounded out her processes, I about died when I saw what she did with my scrimshaw ship pin. Kinda makes me feel like what I make is a joke :( ehh, at least I'm havin' fun.

Anvilartifacts said...

Love love love the pink teacup assemblage and the anatomy bracelet. Those tins are fantastic!
Aww really nice of you to pop a picture of my earrings in your post. Thank you fanci! :)

13 said...

Rosettes.. to go with the little pink horse and leaf, that would be cute. Loving the pink necklace, which is weird since I never wear pink clothing but I love it in jewellery.

Kimberly said...

Lookit all this amazing stuff! Yes Pipnmolly is flabbergasting me lately and AnvilArtifacts has a load of skills under her belt too.
The tins... I just love how you dive into the most creative assembricoing, fanci! I would just hoard all those pieces into foreverdom before attempting to make them into something as cool as you are doing.
I'm going to have to view the pinky girly stuff later. My connection isn't allowing them to load today.
Yeah the rest of us here are absorbing all this amazing- ness hoping that it will erupt spontaneously. I guess I ought not to speak for everybody... I mean me. In so many ways your blog and others prompt and challenge me. Many thanks.

PipnMolly said...

thanks for the plugging. sweet of you.
I myself, am forever in awe of your ingenuity and talent. Your unique creativity seems to just flow forth effortlessly.
Brave to attack that hinge too.

betweenreader said...

How would riveted leather or fabric do with that wide cuff? And it's doo-hickie,dearie!

Juliette Williams said...

LOVE that anatomy bracelet!!! Wow, that's some cool find.

And I'm wondering - what does it say on that coin at the bottom, is it in Russian? Hard to see, but it's a great piece!

xoxo Juliette

richelle said...

Whenever I see horsies on jewelry things, I always think of horse shows. I don't really even know what a horse show is. It's because of this great poem I read. But I feel like anything with a horse's face should be a fancy medal. I'd turn that canada thing and that horse thing into 1st place ribbon horse show medal earrings.