A Summer Childhood. Victorian Tribal Bollywood AntiquePocket Watch Assemblage.
A Summer Childhood.
My dad went to a science conference-nothing new- but my mom decided to meet up with him in Hungary! She was worried because Dad reported it was really hot, his room in Debresen didn't have AC and when he told the hotel lady his clothes dryer wasn't working, she gave him an iron.

A Summer Childhood. Victorian Tribal Bollywood AntiquePocket Watch Assemblage.
But, their email reports say it's all gorgeous in Transylvania. They were in these vast underground caverns with salty air so folks go as a type of respiratory cure. So there's playgrounds full of children and people working out... in these vast caverns 200 meters underground. Trippy.
Circus. Colorful Tribal Bollywood Choker.
My little 64 yr-old mom wants to hike the Carpathian Mountains. In my head there's a Dracula accent when I even just write "Carpathian." Doesn't sound real. So I googled Transy/ilvania and it's like "Transylvania Film Festival", "Transylvania University" and other such non-vampire related quotidianity....

Circus. Colorful Tribal Bollywood Choker.
So the "skele-cuff", as alteredarcheology called it, is already on its way to its new home... oh they grow up so fast.

Evil Eye. Colorful Tribal Bollywood Choker.
Evil Eye.
Enjoy the colorfest while it's here. Cuz... Sheesh.

Evil Eye. Colorful Tribal Bollywood Choker.
But actually, I did tone down the colors with paints and gilders paste and stuff...

Damn Thing Gone Wild. Black Geode and Baby Doll Choker.
Damn Thing Gone Wild.
Phew! Nice dark, black, darkadark.

Damn Thing Gone Wild. Black Geode and Baby Doll Choker.
OK, the baby here has an opening into its belly.... Even stranger, it has a patch of chest hair. I think. Poor thing.

Anastasia. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Leather Frame Cuff with Tin.
This is another section from earring the guy who made the coin thing:
The Lady Victory. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Leather Cuff with Coin.He let me buy a bunch of single earrings. So the cuff up there, the swirl is ... yeah. But the point wasn't simply to use them but to be inspired to make my own. Hasn't happened so far.Ghostly. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Bracelet.
But here's another piece. I did the enbezzeling embezzel embezel imbezzel imbezel
Ghostly. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Bracelet.
I did that technique on it that I still plan on telling you about. Next time. Or maybe the time after next. But no later than that, I promise. Oh, the same technique is on this, which was originally just a blank brass finding:

Anastasia. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Leather Frame Cuff with Tin.
Sleepy now. So sleepy... goddamn my rebellious sleep schedule that makes me wanna nap at 10pm. Yeah, nap. cuz in a few hours I'll be up and looking around for a book to read.


stregata said...

Sounds like your 'poor' dad is roughing it...

Regina said...

Loving the color!

Petra Carpreau said...

Gorgeous colour!!! Your Anastasia cuff is too fab for words, but, oh my - I got a lump in my throat when i saw that Futility had sold - and now there's a mutant, hairy chested baby to taunt me!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

martinisfor2 said...

loving the color....especially the eyeball necklace. my fav is the leather frame bracelet. the photo has some stories to tell......

13 said...

I'm having a chunky bead fetish at the mo and there's nowt wrong with a bit of colour.

Anvilartifacts said...

Your mom sounds like a firecracker! What fun your folks are going to have, eh?
Love the bracelets! Yummy. The bright neckaces are just perfect for summer! Look like a party on your neck.

Alice said...

OK, so now you've gone and done it. You set it off with your 'Damn Thing Gone Wild' piece. That song pops into my head at the most inapproiate times, like at work (which I can belt it out there) and at church (which I can NOT belt it out there but might hum it under my breath) Now I'll be singing it all day long!

I just love all the colors in first few pieces. I love everything here, but 'Ghostly' is my favorite.

That's so interesting about the underground caverns in Transylvania!

Beatnheart said...

I think I’ll start stalking your mom and dad now cause they sound pretty bitchin.

laura said...

Um, I think I love you! Just when I think I could not possibly want or need any jewelry...BAM! Seriously? Seriously? The Circus? GASP!

laura said...

Well, it sold. Maybe that's a good thing bc I was furtively trying to create a gift giving holiday so I could send this link to my husband. "Honey, everyone gets jewelry for when their son graduates kindergarten!" Yeah...

Tami said...

you are such a hoot-i love reading your blog (and the eye candy)!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

omg my retinas- the colours! Blinded by the rainbow. Also your parents are ace, I would LOVE to go to Transylvania or Romania- anywhere in eastern europe really, as long as it's fairly civilized and I can see some cool buildings. GAWD imagine the flea markets there!!! Bloody hell. Just some of your every day medieval Carpathian junk, no biggie.

Also- hot, no A/C, but needs clothes dryer? confused. Also also I totally did not know it got hot up there at all. I learned!

Tribalis said...

Ha,ha,ha!! Your mom and the iron..
Isn't great (grandioso) the love of the wives? I mean, the love of the mothers... better: the wives that become mothers?!!! ..
Anyway, he,he,he..

Tribalis said...

forgot to say: beautiful new jewelries!
You don't rest hum? Creativity is the air you breath!