Mini batch and randoms.

Yes, Alice, 'fittingly' is a word and thank you so much for saying I have a knack for naming. Sometimes I don't know if others get it...
Oh, and I forgot to say, laura, I love you right back! Congrats to you for your son graduating kindergarten. Yeah, you deserve jewelry for managing to keep him alive and functioning for that long.
Beatnheart, the way I deal with tutorial or craft vids is just by fast-forwarding through most of it. They key will always be, like, nine tenths of the way through.
A Happy Song. Victorian Gypsy Rustic Tin Cuff with Tablet Window Colorful Czech Beads..
A Happy Song.
When searching for a title or quote to go with this bracelet, I stumbled upon this one, which while not appropriate for the listing, made me laugh out loud:
"Like, What is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: Say, isn't that the banjo player's Porsche parked outside?"
-Jackson Browne

A Happy Song. Victorian Gypsy Rustic Tin Cuff with Tablet Window Colorful Czech Beads..I couldn't resist the color and repetitive shape of these tablet Czech babies. Man, every time I write Czech, it's an effort.
Twins. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet.
And as usual, bracelets are maddening to photograph, what with having no back side and all. And as I get older, I seem to be loosing my own back side as well.

Twins. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet.
So these have embezzling but then I fucked it up with smudgy alcohol inks I couldn't get rid of, so I went over that with gold rub-n-buff... Oy vey. Suffice it to say when I started this was a pristine tin given to me by SacredCake. Who OMG re-did her blog all over again and it looks so profesh and fancy and high-tech!

Twins. Recycled Rustic Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet.
Did I tell you all I was accepted to teach in Art n Soul at Virginia beach next year? Yay! But no, not yay cuz now I'm just nervous.

Ceremonial Magic. Rings and Hoops Rustic Choker.
Here's another hoopy one. Lots of embezzling.

Ceremonial Magic. Rings and Hoops Rustic Choker.

Check out these from 13Alternatives latest blog post.

"I've applied Fancifuldevices wonderful technique to earrings. I've got loads of odd, tiny beads at the bottom of my bead boxes, so I set about playing."

Which is exactly what the tute's all about! Use up those odds and ends.

My folks are back from an amazing time in Romania and the cats are all content. Had to share my two favorite pictures. The 1st is the cows walking home by themselves after a day of grazing.

Apparently if you get stuck behind them, you're screwed because they won't be hurried! Too redonk.
Now check out this black church. Is that not the prettiest most Satanic thing ever?

While I'm sharing randoms.... Tumblr is a great way to loose 5 or 6 hours at a time.
Oh, math. You cray cray. 
Oh, math. You cray cray.

(Gif and accompanying quote that I've been paraphrasing for my own ends from, via The Whole Blinking Cosmos, a tublr of pure awesomesauce, from whence I've stolen many a quote.)

(Segue way.)

"On April 25, somewhere in the ocean off Great Britain, a remotely operated video camera near a deep sea oil rig caught a glimpse — at first it was just a glimpse — of an astonishing looking sea creature. It was a green-gray blob of gelatinous muscle, covered with a finely mesh-like textured skin, no eyes, no tentacles, no front, no back. It moved constantly, floating up to the camera, then it backed off and disappeared. The camera operator tried to find it, and then, suddenly, out of the darkness, back it came."

And you know I'm fully obsessed with the idea of eyes as symbols:
Here somewhere.

Batterfly Variation, Choleric
Batterfly Variation, Choleric

Batterfly Variation, Phlegmatic
Batterfly Variation, Phlegmatic

The Dolphin Variation
The Dolphin Variation
Four humors madness by Thomas Woodruff.

Finally, check out the scale of the universe and tremble.


Suzyfrank said...

I love everything you lay your hands on! Am really loving your embezzling. Oh and I used to have a great badonkadonk, but I too am losing my back side!

Vintajia Adornments said...

Am loving the textural destruction wrought on the cuff and the rings on the slithery reptilian looking chain.

Beatnheart said...

I left a big comment... Very in tell e gent and smarty pants and lost it so screw it . Love new stuff scared of other stuff

13 said...

Love that banjo bracelet and those grungy hoops. Cheers for the mention and

Anvil Artifacts said...

Hahaha ditto ladies... Ditto

laura said...

I'm curiously fascinated by the big blob. BLOB.

Jennifer Valentine said...

ok, i just think you're the bees knees.
I do.