Stuff's Up!

And I'm gonna force you to look at these all over again. Cuz 1st I put up all this stuff I've already showed you.
The Lady Victory. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Leather Cuff with Coin.
The Lady Victory.
Here I was having trouble with the coloring. By making it more uneven, I arrived at a certain evenness.

From Girl to Crone. Pink Trinket Bracelet.
From Girl to Crone. 
Ooooh check it! I came up with a fancy closure here.

From Girl to Crone. Pink Trinket Bracelet.And the crescent piece was just plain white. A cheapo piece from the cheapo Chinese bead store down in the U. BUT! I made it funky using- get this- chunky embossing powders. Do you know about embossing? It's a thing stampers do. On paper. More on this later.

<--This is what I'd showed you. By adding the white chain, I was able to make it much more substantial-->From Girl to Crone. Pink Trinket Bracelet.

Bone Bridge Flesh Valley. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Bracelet.
Bone Bridge Flesh Valley. Did I ever show you guys the beginnings of this one? I can't find it. Thing is that at 1st it looked super boring. All the weird coloration I did after, so it looks lots less boring. Basically, I just used black alcohol ink, then poured rubbing alcohol all over it. The rubbing alcohol makes the color separate somehow, and this is the result.

Oligodynamic. Dusty Pink Victorian Tribal Rustic Assemblage Bracelet.
Oligodynamic.  OK, you totally saw this one.

The Aperture. Colorful Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Bracelet.
The Aperture. And this one.

Princess Things. Dusty Pink Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Assemblage Necklace.
Princess Things. And this one! But it's a new picture, so that's nice...

The Circus. Colorful Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Assemblage Necklace.
The Circus. Saw this...

Elizabeth. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Choker with Found Objects.
Elizabeth. And this...

Overcast. Victorian Tribal Bronze Knocker Necklace.
Overcast. And this...

The Mother. Madonna and Child Perfume Bottle Choker.
The Mother. And this!

The Mother. Madonna and Child Perfume Bottle Choker.

So next I'll list these:
A little this-n-that to whet the appetite.



Louise said...

Just beautiful Marina! I love love LOVE the pink bracelet, just gorgeous. :)

Jackie said...

Such a nice morning treat - EYE CANDY!! I wish I had a tiny fraction of the type of talent you've got. I really love the Overcast, Princess Things and the Bone Bridge Flesh Valley best!

Alice said...

I love them all, especially the first bracelet (clever clasp) and the bone bracelet. I've got a thing for bracelets latey.

Thanks for the morning inspiration!

Tami said...

Loving everything, Marina!!

Vintajia Adornments said...

Great inspiration first thing this morning.

Juliette Williams said...

The Mother, Overcast, and Inspiration. LOVE.

xoxo Juliette

beadybaby said...

Very, very cool. I don't think anyone minds looking twice, or more...

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful temptress you are!!! total scrumptious yumminess!

me said...

Love the way you use pink my dear...