Lets Play A Game.

OK, that sounded like a line from a horror movie. But really lets. And whoever wins gets this ridic bracelet I made out of every colorful odd and end that's been hanging around w/o anywhere to go...
It's so da-gunned random though, I can't bring myself to list it.

Before we can play, we gotta go back down south...
Back to our favorite street market. And do what?
 1st, just look at the pretty pictures. (Or, sorta pretty.) But then, to entertain ourselves meanwhile, well... like here for example:

You all recognize the above as a fancification of a classic movie line. If you can match each image to the movie it's bastardized from... you get the idea. Write your list in the comments. How to avoid cheating? I don't know! Heck, if you want the damned thing enough to cheat, maybe you should have it.
Never seen so many athletic medals in all my life.



Ok, I just thought this one was funny since among all these rare coins, a whole page of pennies. 






OK, I'm not even sure I know where all these are from... maybe I'll just pick whatever comment I like best. Haven't decided. So that makes it rather uncertain for you doesn't it?


Beatnheart said...
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Beatnheart said...
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Beatnheart said...
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Beatnheart said...

soylent green
the graduate
wizard of oz
it’s a wonderful life
the shining
the dogfater
forest gump
she done him wrong
a few good men
field of dreams’

Beatnheart said...

jaws ...aw jeez now Ican look at the stuff...

Kimberly said...

I theenk Beeeeatnheart weeens already!

betweenreader said...

I am a movie illiterate after "Potemkin" -- I jus want ze theengs!

sandi m said...

Ha, I c.a.n.n.o.t believe your haul! Seriously, this has got to be the ultimate flea theengs market!!
Next trip, I want to hide in your cargo so I can pick theengs.
Would love to see your theengs - any for sale? ~ we live in the same city....

Alice said...

What beatnheart said....cuz for one, I don't watch many movies, and two, even if I did my brain does not hold on to information such as famous quotes. My brain's filing system is kaptuz. Sometimes I can't even remember my own name. So I guess you could say I cheated.

Nevertheless, I love that awesome bracelet and all the fabulous dangles!

Boot ~C said...

any other time I could come up w/ a clever way to cheat or something funny to say (or @ least snarky)but the only thing I have in my brain is how much lust I have for the bracelet & how closely I can replicate the beady chick. I have a thing for charm bracelets,never had one as a child, I think that's why I make so many.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Go Braveheart! I only could think of about 5 of them...my eyes were too bugged out by the theeengs.

Jackie said...

So many theeengs, you a lucky lady! I could only come up with 7 titles without cheating...I FAIL. :(

...Jackie xo

Tami said...

What an amazing bracelet-I love! I love to watch movies but am terrible at remembering quotes and where they came from-but what a fun challenge-you're so fun!! Hoping my lucky stars are aligned :) Hugs,

martinisfor2 said...

WELCOME HOME!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelet!!!

1. the graduate
2. wizard of oz
3. it's a wonderful life
4. the godfather
5. the shining
6. she done him wrong
7. jaws
8. forrest gump
9. a few good men
10. field of dreams
11. scarface

and of cource the preview...soylent green.

we have most of these movies!!! jaws is my all time favorite and you chose the perfect line!!!

jennifer valentine said...

'aint nothin' but a THEENG.

love you Fanci...and your little theengs too...

Betty S said...

Girl that is some serious haul. Your theengs have theengs!

Petra Carpreau said...

Nope, your damn mail love has buggered it up again. Can't seen a sodding thing. Bah.

donna said...

Pleeeeeeaaaassse gimme the bracelet theeeeeeeng.

I don't have any good tricks and am not very clever but this was a gift to me and I will pass it on to you and your lovely blogger friends.

Make believe you are brave,
the trick will take you far,
you may become as brave,
as you make believe you are!

I already think you are brave but just in case you have a weak moment and need a lil boost sometime.

The first time I saw your blog, I had just been soldering on some marbles, buttons, crystals, my cat. I saw you blog and you had been soldering marbles and crystals. My face fell open. I could not believe there was someone else like me. That was a great feeling. Thanks for your blog and you! I think I may be more brave now, too, because of you. (((hugs)))

Mary said...

Don't know nothin' about movies, but I know what I like, and I likes me this leetle bracelet theeeng.

Sarah S said...

Marvellous Theengs quotes - together with the backdrops, they made me laugh a lot!

You have a very impressive haul of Theengs. It's kind of like a more genuine version of what steampunk is trying to be but isn't.