A while ago I made a pair of necklaces of graduated rings, taking inspiration from the precious metal clay work of Kathy VanKleek. They were wonderfully received and so yeah, here's two more. Ceremonial Magic. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
Ceremonial Magic.
You can see I used a good bit of hammered Indian bangles, which are aluminum and super fun to hammer. I needed more to fill out the thing so in both pieces I used rings I made myself with metal, solder and pewter.Ceremonial Magic. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
One is a looped piece of copper finding, one is a circular base metal finding, one is a wrappy hoop of steel wire which isn't the best thing to solder, and one is a piece of thin brass sheet for embossing like you do by rubbing a stylus on it that I folded a lot for thickness then curved into a ring. (In case you wanted to know all that.)
Ceremonial Magic II. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
Ceremonial Magic II.
What I learned from the process is I hate working with a torch. It just freaks me out too much. I feel like I'm holding my breath the whole time it's on and I can't handle all the damned black goop that the flux and impurities create. Or maybe I was just doing it half-assedly and if I'd brought my pickle pot outside with me it would have come off easily and been less stressful. I dunno how those lampwork folks do it.Ceremonial Magic II. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
Plus just about any torch thing I've been able to do with a very hot iron, so... Or the embozzling which is like fake enamel which I do with just a heat gun. Speaking of which:As a Sta IIr. Cosmic Tribal Talisman Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
The dangling disc bits have the embozzling. (Just remembered the dangle on the 1st necklace does too.) I used a black powder that came with bits of glitter mixed in and a chunky silver on the very tip. I actually blew off a lot of the glitter before starting. Glitter can get fugly fast.
As a Sta IIr. Cosmic Tribal Talisman Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
Well, you proly noticed a colorful metal treatment too. Hint- last time with the faux verdigris? That. Coupon for 25% off to whomsoever guesses what it is. Good for anything except tutes.As a Star. Cosmic Tribal Talisman  Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
Here's another example. Oh such fun!As a Star. Cosmic Tribal Talisman  Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..See these globby babies? They're glass with a coating of UTEE.  They were cool but too regularly shaped. I did use them here Queen of Heaven. Cosmic Gold Leaf Rustic  Soldered Stone Raw Citrine Queen Coin Pendant. and here:The Human Night. Cosmic Rustic Dark Assemblage Bracelet with Sterling Crucifix, Iridescents and Raku Art Beads. though. So anyways you can see the cosmic thang's still going strong.
Among Empty Eternities. Glass Eye in Natural Pod with Hammered Choker.
Among Empty Eternities.
Sorry Sparrow, but this eye is less freaky since the pod gives it eyelids, right? Filled it with many layers of resin. Had to wait til each dried before I could add more or it would just spill right out.Among Empty Eternities. Glass Eye in Natural Pod with Hammered Choker.
Simple hammered choker I'm digging.
Praise. White Rustic Tribal Choker.
Here this was a dark leather cord but I whitened it with rub-n-buff. Why not? And the giant bead caps on the beaded bead have gold emboz.Praise. White Rustic Tribal Choker.
Oh, all the pieces from last post are up, of course. Also felt like showing some WIP.
Maybe just cuz taking shots is less stressful ever since I got a decent battery charger. All the little things you do to make the process easier really add up.
Look at the maddest thing I've ever done! 
That's T-shirt yarn. I might wax it for a more leathery look. The tin wraps there are from the huge haul I was given right after returning from Uruguay. Finally got my lazy ass to chop up one of the tins. I'll maybe rust it up a bit but the colors are gorgeous. 
I also used that metal here. See the tiny orange bits? (Oh and the dangle is from readbetween, that kind of 70s style that always reminds me so much of Uruguay. It was you, right?)
And from that SAME haul (etsy's waterhand, the paper collector) these chandelier crystals. Behind just the lower sections with the ladies I've added gold leaf. Can't see it too well here but it adds this crazy brightness. Both the images were from my little art book Urufind and I only used resin to stick the surfaces on. That way when the resin cured I could wet and rub off the rest of the paper, apply more resin and have clear transfers. Which is why the gold works. Ehhh? Eehhh? See what I did thr? It's kinda crazy hard to just apply enough resin to stick the paper without seeping into said paper and it was a total mess and I loved it.
Some pendants:
I've had these tiny jet cabs forever and finally decided to do something with them. God knows what. I need more resin at the base but I ran out of mixing cups and I find they really are essential... Well, unless you are supernaturally good at eyeballing. Eyeballing is like free-balling but with less testicles.
There was surely something I meant to say... Well, don't forget about the coupon for correctly guessing my metal treatment(s). 
Aaaaand scene!


alek said...

2 chandelier chrystals - awesome
the colourfuls above too - like the different approach muchly
and the ring a ding tooooo

La Fileuse said...

All your new pieces are so yummy ! Did you use eyeshadows again, for your "special faux raku finish" ?

Patty said...

To be a fly on the wall as you make
things...you're some kind of genius!

neshuma said...

FAB. So glad that you continue to get mileage out of that load. Yes, we totally wanted to know about the rings. As for the patina, I'm inclined to agree w/ La Fileuse, more or less: pulverized mica powder from a face makeup assortment, suspended in clear nail acrylic--or possibly polyurethane.

alteredarcheology said...

Yes! Eyeshadow would be my guess too. I just adore how every element used to complete one of your creations gets altered in some way and how you can combine so many differently altered elements to come together into a gorgeous, unmistakable Fanci piece. There is always a cohesive flow throughout all the techniques you use. Just brilliant.

neshuma said...

--Lemme add to that recipe: it's got to have the Fanciwax on top.

Penelope said...

Ha! I made one of those rings on a necklace deals the other day, but I took it apart again because I'm insane.

If I wasn't so terrified of traveling, I'd jump on a plane and come over to Chicago just to sit and watch you make a mess with things.

And while you weren't looking I'd smash all the fake eyes.

Juliette said...

Loving the hammered work you're doing. Really nice! Also, digging that eye, which is a little unusual for me, as I don't always like eyeball art. I really like the pod surrounding it, really cool!!

Beatnheart said...

More Majik Fanci d's mojo mix of herbs and spices

Flotsam Tide said...

Can't get past those glorious earrings.. just stuck on them.. so ethereal and cosmic and dreamy. The best in a meld of futuristic tribal. Also those rings necklaces pick up the narrative where African yoruba brass began. Wonderful and luminous as always. xo!

Venus Soberanes said...

I know for sure what you put on the earrings that looks like patina! it is either metallic inks, water based or alcohol based, or for sure it is stardust from your dreams. That is why everything you do is so magical, you cover it in stardust from your dreams!

Numinosity said...

Man this stuff is taking on some serious magic lately looking all crazy glowing like some mad photoshop juju.

I just pulled out my pixie dust that I first bought when I started lampwork, wondering if I can make it work better than I did before. It ends up getting everywhere and I never did master making it work, maybe if I just don't use it for glass I might have some success with it. It seems to be some sort of magic mica powder.

The rings are serious winners like maybe you can tell how long someone has been beading by counting the rings.

And OK decoupaging the chandelier crystals? Totally works too. And is that a magazine picture of the moon embozzled?.

ever in awe, xo

Anvil Artifacts said...

seriously LOVE the eyepod! hmmm I'm thinking it's the shifting transference powders that gives you that fabulous effect. those are some fun ingredients to work with.

laura said...

Um, I have no idea bc I make soap and stalk you a wee bit. :) Cause I LOVE this stuff!

Anonymous said...

The blue on that cuff is to die for. Really! I bet the eye plucked itself out of jelousy it's so sweet!

I also like what you did with the resins and papers.

Question for you please. Do you know how the Prismacolor pencils are used on metals with such stunning results? If you've done it and pointed it out I apologize. I've not had the chance to stalk back to the blogs beginning yet...yes yet.

Having many of the pencils, I've given it a go but nothing I've tried looks anything like the photographs I've seen and the painter/sketcher in me wants to play. Thank you for reading whether you answer or not.