Two babies, tax refund, actual baby.

How're my ladies today?Mitosis.
Boy do I like a wide-sitting choker. Do you know what I mean by "wide-sitting"? Like it's not tight but it doesn't hang down rather sits in a big circle along where your neck and shoulders meet.
I feel like you can't really see how cool these beads are here. Each one is a little work of art.

So guess what I got? A $6,000 tax refund!!! Yeah. So I'm not as grumpy as I was that's for damn sure. Why'd I pay that much in the first place that I'd need such a refund? Might as well ask why the earth goes round the sun (gravity) or why the sky is blue (scattered light wave lengths) as to ask why I paid that much (stupidity).

The Truth
Here's a wide-sitting bracelet. Yeah I'm doubling down on that phrase! I'm wide-sitting on my chair right now. So there?

Tonight Imma wiggle my buns in my BollyX class. I really missed my classes when I was bleh a week ago.

Oh jeez I keep forgetting I have a new nephew to show off.

Look at that little curl, like he's still in the womb. And that giant foot! He looks just like his brother did as an infant, but has his sister's personality so far. His name is Marco. Squee!

Next up, baboons. Oh you think they're creepy? Look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself to stuff it.love hug monkey friendship 

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