Three new guys.

From the Past.
After obsessing about tassels I saw popping up all over etsy, I made my own out of little clay beads from Mali and a matte gold cap from Turkey.

Also the tin I used to back up this carved piece really added to it. And there's a couple beads by JBDRusticOrganic, are you sick of hearing me mention him yet? Dude he uses transfers of his own art to decorate his beads though.

So I listed this guy and it sold right away which makes me super happy. Since it's gone I thought instead of listing and blogging just two more pieces, I'd do three.

The Mystery.
This one uses a Jesus and a tribal earring with chasing and repousse which I've turned into a ring. Both of these of course from my recent lovely inheritance haul. 
This is a fun soldered chain section because it uses different kinds of links so it looks very cobbled-together.

Now that I know the wonder of lariats, I just can't seem to go back to regular necklaces.
Here's something different for me- thin and delicate, what?

Like an extreme in my minimalism trend or something. Soon they'll all be invisible. Oh yeah I've been making lots of invisible stuff this year. It's all I'm motivated to do lately.

The gorgeous sterling ... tea pot? ... is also from my inheritance haul.
I already have my next update of 9 pieces photographed and edited.... And I'm still not done listing these! Two more bracelets to go. I'm getting really fast at picture taking and editing.
What's up with you guys? Is anyone out there super motivated and inspired lately? Write me and describe what that's like...
And now, gorillas.
animals excited monkey exciting gorilla
I guess they really like break dancing.

And being goofy and freaking people out.

But mostly they just really like break dancing.
afvpets  animals dance dancing spinning


Anonymous said...

That's not Jesus, it's St. Jude, Patron Saint of hopeless cases. And will you stop with those ugly primates. There are so many more appealing animals out there.

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember the woman who had her face ripped off by a chimpanzee?

Anonymous said...

Just came back from my morning exercise during which I remembered numerous incidents of chimps ripping off cojones, in one case an infant in China. BTW, I like your St. Jude piece best of the 3.

autena said...

Geez! Kinda harsh there. But never mind that stuff. I love those beautiful lariats.

Feeriee13 said...

Gorgeous necklaces, as always!! The tassel that you made out of little clay beads, so awesome, looove it! I'm thinking about stealing your idea for a pair of earrings...if you don't mind? :) So inspiring. It's not going to look exactly the same, of course. How can one not like gorillas?! They're super cute!!

gretchen said...

Mx cranky pants needs a snickers.
(Mx - I heard on the news it's a new word just added to the dictionary and means both Ms. & Mr. -who makes up this stuff?)

I love that little teapot and the other lariat necklaces. The tassel is wonderful all by itself even without being part of that uber cool necklace.
If anyone responds with a way to get super motivated, I'm interested, too!