i haz it.
I can't believe how much stuff I've gotten done since my 'puter crapped out! Guys! It's like all the hours we feel are missing when we say "there just aren't enough hours in the day," suddenly revealed themselves to me!
 I soldered a gagillion things after work the night before last, for example. I get home at 10pm, so I usually don't think of after work as even possible studio time. So, I just spend hours upon hours clicking through thousands of pictures of beads, mostly.
I have to limit my computer time from now on. Cuz Apple is giving us all new 'puter innards for like $250, plus installing back whatever was on the old one. And maybe by as soon as tomorrow. I know, right? Apple rocks.
Added some text here. "My heart, a dark and living snow."
Here's what these look like on.
"Sorrow that would offer you its precious blood." Could also be translated as "sorrow whose precious blood I would offer you." Could also be slightly mistranslated as "Too bad I'd offer you your pretty blood." Lols!
 Here's some stuff.
Ok, so excuse the crap photo but I arranged an assortment of postcards and prints from Sparrow on my wall and it looks awe-friggin-some.
Anyhow, this is why she's the photographer and I'm not.


Spirited Earth said...

i soo hear what you're sayin' about the computer..i love it..really love it..however..it's a giant time suck...
i've decided that i sould only get on in the evenings..after i've done all my work. ;)

Opulent Oddities said...

the computer is a necessary evil. Oh the times spent social networking with strangers.

Beautiful work as always!

stregata said...

Drooling over the results of your productivity. You definitely haz it. Such awesome pieces of gorgeousness.