Dear Lord

I spent every minute of today editing and posting these. It is a day I will never get back. Damn you, Dad's computer!
Behind the Veil of All.
Plus I can hardly see a thing on this labtop screen so I have no idea if these images are any good.
Fatima. Ceramic pendant from IndianCreekStudios.
Specimen. A real vintage slide I snagged off ebay for almost nothing. No idea what it says. I'm assuming it's German because it reads 'Stuttgart' on the one edge. German gals, I think they're 3 of you, can you make it out? (Note: Stregata, you're amazing. Now that I've read your note, of course I see English and French as well as German. But before that all I could read was Stuttgart. Which, why so many 't's?)
Comprehend the Cosmos.
First Intellect.
In the Realm Between Gods and Mortals.
A Light from Within. (I forgot to list this one yesterday.)
The Demiurge.
I may have used an entire roll of solder on this damned bezel. Maybe I'll stick to my simple soldering without bothering with bezels. They're a pain. Does look pretty cute, though, hu? 
I'm too exhausted to include links to anything.
Imna go de-numb my butt.


Spirited Earth said...

these are all grand but i am loving these simple necklaces and the bezel is more than cute.
demiurge is devine

stregata said...

Hope your computer is up and running soon.
The slide has German, French and English labelling. Something about a cross section of a tail, I believe, from an invertebrate.

sharon said...

Loving your blog, your work , and your attitude!
I hope to take you up on the ephemera mail, as soon as I get 2 seconds to myself!
Great great pieces!

sharon said...

Oh, I have a goofy husband and dog too!

fanciful devices said...

hello and welcome sharon! yay new friends.
yup. still got tons of ephemera and youre more than welcome to it.