I've gotten into the awful habit of waking up at 2am and reading til 6am or 7. Meanwhile the studio sits empty. While my students take tests, I doodle, see image. Take a wild guess what's on my mind?

Meanwhile I was driving the other day and a radio station played R Kelly Trapped in the Closet, which I'd never heard on the radio, just seen the videos. It was so flippin' hilarious that I was laughing to myself all day.

Then he walks by the clo-set!
I'm like, please don't let him open the clo-set!
But he walks right up to the clo-set!
He reaches for the door of the clo-set!
But I'm stuck there in the clo-set!
And he opens the clo-set!



Spirited Earth said...

sleepytime tea

fancylinda said...

I like your drawing.

stregata said...

Your drawing skills are so awesome...

fanciful devices said...

sleepytime tea? whu?