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so I put this one up from yesterday:
Terrifying Angels. White Assemblage Bracelet.
Terrifying Angels. White Assemblage Bracelet.
It has that crazy MOP cufflink from here.
I finished and photographed this but I'm waiting to see if this one disc bead will hold up. It broke in half b/c I put too much pressure on it. I'm trying to glue the 2 halves back together but something tells me it might not work. I'm rough on my materials. Better they bust on me than when a buyer has them, that's for sure.
The first disc is the one that broke. You can sorta see the seam. These pictures look weird. The chain is my cheapanddirty version of a missficklemedia saffron chain.  Somehow mine ended up w/a greenish cast. Still, fun to try, and I never would have without the inspiration, thanks missfickle!


~Debi said...

Ooooo Star Guy turned out great. :)

stregata said...

May I make a suggestion? Instead of trying to glue the disc - which will probably not hold up - why not work with the two halves? I can't quite see - did you solder the disc? Then you could put them together by soldering - making the break look intentional. Love the look of this piece and the colours are intriguing.

Malin de Koning said...

Wonderful! I was thinking the necklace with the saffron-green chain looks rather colourful to be you .... ;-). I love it!

missficklemedia.com said...

heehee. You said "cheap and dirty".

I love these pieces so much and their mix of color and texture and materials makes me swoon.

You are an artist who creates from within, Fanci, and no component of mine even comes close to capturing what you got going on.