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MAN! Photos sure are prettier than scans. Though thanks, you guys, for all the sweet and postive feedback. Makes me so happy. It's so awesome to find and do and love the thing you're good at.
Eons of Consequences. Assemblage Bracelet.Eons of Consequences.
Eons of Consequences. Assemblage Bracelet.
Epics Unbegun.Epics Unbegun.
Epics Unbegun.
Lover of the Demented. Fossil and Assembled Blacks Necklace.Lover of the Demented.
Lover of the Demented. Fossil and Assembled Blacks Necklace.


steufel said...

Great stuff - as always:-)

Mariemeier_art said...

Lover of the demented is an incredible piece ! I love it.

Pretty Things said...

Those are AWESOME and so creative!

I did scans when I first started out and was totally blown away when I started using a camera!

stregata said...

Beautiful photos. Those praying hands have got to be the most famous hands in art:

fanciful devices said...

thanks so much guys. have i told you how encouraging your comments are?
i went to see the originals, stregata. they are so stunning, its clear why they've become an icon. they look absolutely sacred and holy.

Read Between The Lines said...

When I look at your work, my heart wants to touch them. I feel so much safer in the world when I see your love of these things, presenting their innate, hidden beauty! You Art Warrior, you!