Inter-species love

Human-orangutan ISL.
OK, it's literally pretending to eat and drink with her! Look how s/he is sitting!
So jealous of this kid. Orangutans are my favorite primate, what w/the perma-bedhead.Awww. Donkey protecting wolf!

Ummm.... ISL porn?
And now s/he's feeding him/her?
And flight is possible w/this set-up?

This boy dove saved these bunnies that were slowly dying off in the next cage over.
He pulled them out and mothered them back to health.
OK, how much do I love this picture? 
And this snaggle-tooth?
I never imagined this was possible.
Pathetic= cute. 
Monkey ISL
Orangutans. Did I mention they're my favorite primate?
ISL with one's potential meal.
Vintage ISL
Good god. It's just too much.

Guess what time of the month it is again?

If you guessed PMS time, high-five!


TesoriTrovati said...

Thank you for the smiles today.
Enjoy the day.

stregata said...

I know what's up when I see animals on your blog. ;)

lorelei said...

they just kept getting better and better. well, now I'm all teary, thanks a lot.

Read Between The Lines said...

I am past that PMS stuff but if I weren't the ILS stuff would fix me right up! Great post. PS: this too, shall pass.

Malin de Koning said...

Oh Orangutangs! I looooove them too. You know you can pay monthly via WWF (or what it's called, has a Panda as a symbol) for the protection of orangutangs. I have signed up. A dream of mine to go to Borneo and spend time with them, in one of these places where ones that have been pets are tought to live in the wild again. The pictures are absolutely wonderful, but they should live in the woods really. But I would also like to have one as a friend .... complicated.

Good treatment for PMS!!!!

missficklemedia.com said...

How utterly delightful.