Been makin' me some bezels. Which in Spanish is beseles, I thought you'd be fascinated know.
Wielding the torch makes me feel so professional. Or maybe that's after wielding. During wielding I feel a little out of control and in a panic to hurry up and spread the solder before everything chars black and I maybe set my house on fire. 
Here's something redonkulous. I wrapped this huge chandelier crystal in filigree and soldered it to a base. I've never wrapped anything in filigree. But it really worked! Now I have a ridiculous ring-pop looking thing.
All of these 4 pictures above taken before a massive dose of oxidation, of course. As my regulars will know. Though I checked today and I seem to be up to 75 followers!!! Hi new guys! I always drown everything in Novacan Black Patina, in case you can't tell. (And yeah that's me sharing my "secrets" with anyone who cares to know. Make sure to read that last sentence in a sarcastic tone.)
An etsian asked for my blade earrings in ginormo-size. So I'm experimenting. I just don't think my sterling ear wires will be substantial enough for these...
Again, these are very, very "in progress". (Yeah, more quotation marks, but that wasn't sarcastic. How would that even make sense as sarcasm? Sheesh you newbies are a little slow.)
Oh, plus I've realized that I switched 2 buyers' orders. URRRRRGGGHHH. I hate feeling like a total 'tard. I wanna knock my head on my desk repeatedly and beg forgiveness!!! F*CKF*CKF*CK! And I'm putting off some convo damage-control by blogging but can't put it off any longer. Wish me luck.


stregata said...

Oops. Things (as not to say sh..) happen. Am loving your beseles - which I find a much more fascinating word that bezels.
Oh and, sorry about scaring your dog. Didn't mean to. Know anybody that needs some s...? We got another 30 cm yesterday...

~Debi said...

Fantabulous new stuffs!! You go girl.

Spirited Earth said...

love what you have goin' on.
the filigree is great.

order mix ups happen..i did it..
duh..felt and said the same as you.
but i convo'd refunded the shippings and sent free stuff..bowing and scraping all the way.