So I tried to take some pictures.

The light was icky and the pictures turned out awful.
So I just used them as fodder for my photoshop practice.
It's growing dark at 4:00 so I never have time to take enough pictures. 
But that also has something to do with how I'm not fully up til after noon.

 Plus, I think there's solder dust in the wood grains in these two. There's all these little flecks on the pictures. I went and blurred them out one by one, but that doesn't look quite right either. Sometimes I think it's dishonest when I do that.
 Imna try rubbing or washing them out or something, then try again tomorrow.
 These, by the way, are antique glass buttons with broken shafts. And the little ones in the corners were a pain.
But I feel like I'm in a necklace/cord/bead rut lately and I have to try something new. 
 I got me some bottles of black patina from Sculpt Nouveau, which Spirited Earth recommended. I wasn't sure which type to get, cuz there were so many types, so I got a 'Universal Patina' and a 'Dye Oxide' and the company was kind enough to throw in a free bottle of 'Patina Stain'! And I swear they are all 3 the exact same thing
Also, I thought patina would be similar to Novacan, and I was so totally wrong. It's more like stinky gritty paint that actually sticks to metal, any kind. Or anything else anywhere nearby. And I got the sealant all over everything, what a mess. Not as easy as I brashly assumed. I'm very overconfident when it comes to these things. (But then things other folks see no problem with- making appointments for things, car ownership, anything to do with money, befriending my cellphone, children- make my stomach clench. So I'll just let myself be overconfident with little things.) More educational fiddling and mucking about in my immediate future.


Spirited Earth said...

don't blame that mess on me. :-0

stregata said...

Maybe you need to try the patinas on different metals to see the difference?
Love the crisscross on the chandelier crystal - just love it. And your heart milagro is wonderful.

richelle said...

LOVE the deep blackness of the bottommost piece. Is it difficult to keep the patina 'paint' off the jewels and non-metal materials or does it just go for the metal like a regular chemical patina? Coincidentally, I just ordered some Novocan black solder patina with an amazon card I got for christmas to use with a solder iron I haven't used yet. I've never soldered outside of a fully equipped art department, so I've no idea what to expect...

Chelsea (TangoPig) said...

Ooh, I love how the checkerboardy piece came out! Belated Merry Christmas.

~Debi said...

Sounds like you are keeping my hours now. I have been doing a little better and going to bed around 2-3 am. But, it is easy to slip and not go to bed till 4,5 or 6am. Great stuffs ya makin' there :)