Jacked Up.

I just jacked up my prices for the sole purpose of slowing the flow of sales. I've been getting orders confused and I know it's b/c I'm not used to handling so many. Clearly, something had to give. 
Edible Poetry. Vintage Glass Berry Drops.
Edible Poetry. aka 'dingleberries'
But I feel guilty raising prices! Like 'people are going to think I'm really full of myself charging X amount for this.'  Though I know artist/time/talent/blah blah- don't worry, y'all don't have to reassure me in the comments!
Arctic Gypsy. Grungy Wired Pearl Dangles.
Arctic Gypsy.
Maybe I should think thusly- making it isn't work, but photographing/ editing/ posting/ measuring/ wrapping/ packing/ shipping really is, and that's what I'm charging for. Hmm....
Animal Wife 2. Victorian Tribal Trinkets.
Animal Wife 2.
Also, SacredCake gave me the idea of printing out invoices or shipping slips or whatever you call them along w/the postage label. I know, duh, right? Well, I hadn't been. I need all new organization.
Lullaby. Victorian Tribal Earrings.
 I think I might even close shop for a few days while I clean my studio, paint my mannequin and a bunch of things I've been meaning to do. Instead I'm so busy rushing around ... sheesh.

The Curve from Reach to Loss.

But then, should I close it (that is, put it in vacation mode) before or after Christmas? Doesn't seem quite right to do so before. But if I actually don't want sales, that's what I should do... But ... do I actually really not want any sales? Hard to wrap my head around...
Are You the River or the Thing That Makes the River's Face So Still. 
So, remember the story I told you yesterday about my nephew? Turns out he's 2, not 3. But he utters such word-for-word sentences as, "Could you share some of your cookie with me?" Or "Would you like a cracker, Marina?" Which makes it hard to remember. Yes, mostly his conversational themes revolve around food in flattened, baked form.
He also exclaims "Look at my moves!" and starts wiggling his shoulders while mumbling, "Bad boys, bad boys! Whacha gonna do! Whacha gonna do when they come for you!" Makes me feel like an episode of Cops is about to start.


Jo Archer said...

Glad to hear you're being so successful. I told my partner, Simon about one of your necklaces I wanted for Christmas. It's been sold. Please tell me it's him that's bought it! Got anything coming to England? Huh?

Spirited Earth said...

you are certainly not alone in that rushed overwhelmed feeling..but if you are cutting hours at school you most certainly DO want sales..and not to run off potential customers just cause right now things are wacky.
you only have a few more days to cope..then close shop for a week or so whatever it takes to get organized ..i'm taking my own advice cause my office and studio look like something has blow up in here..

~Debi said...

I've closed my supply shop for the holidays because I had so much to do around here. But...at one time I was drowning in sales there. I always print out the etsy orders, gather all the items up, write the names on the envelopes, then as I package them up, I double check the order. Writing the name on the envelope has saved me from forgetting what went where.

As Spirited Earth said, I sure would hate for you to drive away customers and sales then realize how much you need them.

Jennifer Valentine said...

I actually had a few sales this week...so I am using my methodology I told you about....invoices, labels, ziplocs on a hook or whatever keeps them together. I also put them in order of arrival, so I know who gets served first!
I would close your shop maybe first week of Jan when things get reeeeaaaallllly slow. Then do all that stuff. Make a list...
I'm making mine tomorrow, and bygolly I'm gonna make it happen.
New banner and such. New props...new thangs and options.
I have so loved our "relationship" this past year. You've made life somehow less friend-lonely.

fanciful devices said...

aw, jen!
thanks all for your encouraging comments. thing is, i'd rather have less sales and not mix up any more orders. that's actually more expensive in the end!
oh and jo, about the-... wait, I've already said too much!