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Though the more folks know how to do this, the less unique it'll be to me- my philosophy is 1-share and 2- transparency. Number 2 only applies to the clothes I wear, though. D'oh!
OK, so you go on flickr and download one of these:

arbus2 by {charlie}brownie1 by {charlie}duaflex IV by theshutterbugeyeansco ttv by {charlie}5.3: blank by yarnattacksfree ttv 5 by {charlie}ttv ii of vii by xxxrmtKodak Duaflex viewfinder  by seriykotik1970Argoflex 75 by david_coryttv frame::argus75 ii by LoveMissBTTV distorted by Paul GrandTtV mask - Argus (dark) by grittypixTVF Vitomatic 2a by NessterA matter of degrees by heritagefuturesTTV Frame by smsch67TTV dust texture by rhoroVoigtländer Brilliant I UK dust image not cleaned by heritagefuturesOlbia_2_Dust_Texture_1a by heritagefuturesChristmas warmth ttv1 by Cosi!leahleaf_vivitar_ttv03 by leahleafMDScott_080621_2384_FIN by milesdscottMDScott_080621_2389_FIN by milesdscottfake ttv plain frame by oceanTleahleaf_KonicaC35_ttv02 by leahleafoldviewfider by Vin60Old Cannon 35mm SLR by Paul GrandBrownie TTV by TymcodeDSCF9966 by NessterMamiya TTV by Jeff Rinehart  (almost back in action)TTV Yashica Mat 124G by .breanna.As you can see there's an infinite number of them to chose from. More than I even realized as I go through them now. I chose this simple one from the original tute:
OK, download it but makes sure you know where yr downloading it to. Seems simple but that was a sticking point with me. Anywho, open yr photoediting software. I have an old version of photoshop elements. From here, I can only explain for that program. With several pictures on yr 'desktop' that you wanna apply this to, go to this picture and click the 'move tool' which looks like an arrow w/something behind it. You'll see a dotted-line square outline the picture and a sorta bullseye in the middle. Click the bullseye and just drag over to your picture, lining up the square outlines of the 2 images. You're now on your image you wanna work on, and the viewfinder has become a new layer. Now, here's the magic part. Make the layer 'multiply' mode. What the hell does multiply mean? anyone? cuz usually it turns everything dark, but in this case it makes the viewfinder transparent! but not in the faded way it would look if you turned down the transparency! It's magical. Then, you can fiddle with the hue/saturation if you want it less yellow and do the rest of the stuff you do w/yr layers and editing. The end. I know! So seeeeeemple!

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