Today I took some more pictures. It was, like, 2 in the afternoon and already the artificial light overhead was dominating the light coming from the window. See the yellowish reflections?
Innavigable Soul. Salvaged Antique Glass in Soldered Setting. Innavigable Soul.
I also shmeared patina all over my life. It's not hard to rub off, to answer richelle's question. In fact, it has to be sealed to not rub off. 
If the World Goes On. Sacred Heart Milagro.If the World Goes On.
It keeps rubbing off the raised veins on this heart. I still have to work on this, some came off after this picture. Argh. Also, the metals you see are all different- solder, brass, copper, plated, raw, 'antique' finished, etc. It seems to act the same on everything. Well, that's cuz i was mostly using the 'Patina Stain.' But as far as I can tell, it's the same as the others just a bit thicker.
Nautilus. Salvage Wood Victorian Tribal Necklace.Nautilus.
The 'universal' and the 'dye oxide' seemed to just drip off everything. Plus they go on shiny and dry matte and that has been confusing. Novacan is on the one hand easier, on the other it eats away at my skin and doesn't get nearly as black as what you see here. Plus you have to put tons of it on anything that isn't solder and it's sucky on plated things. Though I'm still all about the Novacan, I do have a whoooole newfound respect for all of missficklemedia's things.
Darling Desperate Daughter. Soldered Patinated Crystal and Coin.Darling Desperate Daughter.
Here's a picture with the caged chandelier everyone liked, as you can see, its not as dark as the one picture made it seem. I'm having a lot of struggles with that. When you're improving the photographs, at what point do you begin mis-representing the items?
The Abode of Ineffable Things. Salvaged Wood in Soldered Bezel with Various Vintage Elements.The Abode of Ineffable Things.
I'm eye-ing these to mix w/my blacks, just cuz now I have so much damn black. I should give someone a bottle.
Violet - Patina SolutionSaffron Yellow - Patina SolutionPersian Indigo - Patina Solution
And I'll try not to keep showing the exact same pieces over and over. As I have in the last 3 posts.


stregata said...

Have you ever tried liver of sulphur (often written as LOS)?
I actually think it would look great if the raised veins on the heart were lighter than the rest... it could give the piece additional dimenstion.

richelle said...

The dyes and paints are intriguing. But I'm not understanding how they differ from any other paint if they rub off and must be sealed. I wish they'd come out with a Sharpie for metal--I use that on everything else.