All my recent guys are up in the shop w/their more-or-less fitting descriptions.
The Oligodynamic Effect. Fine Silver and Gemstone Heishi.The Oligodynamic Effect.
All my packages are sent...  All my mix ups have been more-or-less resolved or are in the process of being so.
Black Maria. Necklace with Soldered Resin Bezel.Black Maria.
Parents and sister and nephew are off to Wisconsin for Xmas (oh the sweet peace)...
Doggie is walked... Teeth are brushed.
I am a flippin' dynamo! 
Rescue. Victorian Tribal Neckwear.Rescue.
I even managed to eat today! Instant oatmeal.
Which involved not just opening a package and shoving whatever in my face, but actually boiling water.
Metallurgy. Printing block and Indian Bits.Metallurgy. Printing block...
I haven't put even that much effort into my food in quite some time, sadly. This is how crazy I am with the makings. Now what? Muck about on etsy I suppose. See ya!

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richelle said...

Love the Black Maria.