Uga Buga

For some reason I feel obligated to include a title in all my posts. Clearly I've run out of inspiration. I need to rotate them like tags.
Anyways, here's some stuff.
If the World Goes On. Tin Sterling and Brass Hoops.If the World Goes On. Tin Sterling and Brass Hoops.
If the World Goes On.
Onomatopoeia. Ring.Onomatopoeia. (get it? onomonopia? bling? get it?... well, you will if you read the actual description.)
Ideals for a New Beginning . Earrings.Ideals for a New Beginning . Earrings.
Ideals for a New Beginning.
You may have guessed my computer's back in action. It's working much better than before, actually.

Extraterrestrial. Earrings.Extraterrestrial.
Also- the last day of the semester is December 17th! In 2 weeks I'll be making more, blogging more and generally giving into my obsession for little adornments.
Primality of One. Earrings.Primality of One. Earrings.
Primality of One.
Note: for those new to these parts, I'm a teacher, now a student. Imna start teaching less, is why I'm excited. People always ask me if I'm a student and I hafta go NO! I'm a teeeea-cher I look/act young for my age but I'm a full-fledged grown up! Damn you, awesome genes! (shakes fist at the sky.)
My Forehead Bears the Sacred Name. Glass Dangle Earrings.My Forehead Bears the Sacred Name. Glass Dangle Earrings.
My Forehead Bears the Sacred Name.
Does anyone else ever get so parched it hurts? Happens to me every day! I'm always drinking coffee which I'm maybe allergic to... makes me fart... (gets drink) Where was I?
Balance. Earrings.Balance. Earrings.
I'm watching Cowboy Beebop and enjoying my Saturday night while it snows outside.
Passerines. Large Sparrow Dangles.
These were the lovely bird's from Sacred Cake's gorgeous box of goodies.
Hoping yr all having nice weekends, catching up on sleep and staying warm. Unless yr in the other hemisphere, in which case I friggin' hate you.


jamberry_song said...

These are all gorgeous!! I am in love. ^___^ <333

stregata said...

Love the extraterrestrial and those monkeys - excellent!

carol said...

now now fanci....

.but, it is soo gorgeous and warm in the southern hemisphere.
i do love the No.1's and the bird earings. they are both so unusual. but of cause they should be.
keep rugged up.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I hate you too, baby! I'd swap your hemisphere for mine in a heartbeat right now. I've never dwelt in snow. I went to a snow-covered mountain once, but I've never, you know- *lived* with it. I can't understand winters so deep that the sun barely shows, it just doesn't happen here. Sounds like something that belongs only in Viking tales.

And it's a measure of how much your stuff rocks that I love those monkey earrings, even though I hate monkeys. Everything else is face-punchingly wonderful, as usual.

Spirited Earth said...

most fabulous..love the monkeys.
and all else too..
drink water yo! coffee dehydrates.
med advice from Dr.N. ;-)
extraterrestrials make my heart beat faster.

romantic decay said...

Love the monkeys, way cool.

fanciful devices said...

wow, those monkeys sure got a response. i should get more of those guys.
how can anyone hate monkeys? we're gonna hafta have a serious discussion about this, missy. im crazy about apes and monkeys are the next best things! theyre so cute in a sped-up way... man. this is unacceptable. imna hafta convo you about this!

Anonymous said...

Love love everything as always my dear...
I think the monkeys must be mine....if they haven't monkeyed off into someone elses cart already....

~Debi said...

Love them all! And yes, the monkeys rock!