Show and Tell

So y'all know TiltShift maker? It's a site that lets you upload photos and processes them to create a narrow depth-of-field, for neat effects.  Then you can download your picture and use it, say, for an eye-catching etsy listing.  
This is the kind of effect you can achieve with a good camera set on a ... higher? f-stop...? lower? bigger? smaller? Yeah, I know all about camberuhs.
Here's one more I did.
And now I can't remember why I ever stopped using it! Oh, yeah, on my old computer it would crap out. But these were created instantly. You can adjust where you want the focus, the size of the focus, the speed and strength with which it goes out of focus and even something called bokeh:
Which I just learned are those spots of light that show up in un-focused areas on pictures. Damn!
Except when I try to do it with my macro pictures, just these weird stripes appear:
Because the site is originally intended to make landscapes look like miniatures:
<-- This is a real landscape through tilt-shift maker!
So, that was my show-and-tell for tonight.


Spirited Earth said...

wow you are getting to be a camberuh expert..these are soo interesting..those landscapes are crazy.

stregata said...

The tilt-shift maker imitates the effect of using a macro setting or a very small area of focus in a landscape photo on your camberuh - maybe that is why it doesn't work so well on an actual macro shot.
Wishing you a wonderful 2011 with many more gorgeous pieces to take fantastic photos of...