sneaky peekies

Hi dere. Umember me? Now that I'm not teaching I don't have to speak correctly.

Oh that's right- work over! 3 weeks of stinky making to come! Why stinky? Because I don't wanna stop even just to take a bath! OK, that's gross. Unfortunately true, but gross.
I got a buncha earrings to photograph tomorrow. 
Here's some with these little wooden animals and 'black diamond' rhinestone drops. Also pyrite and freshwater pearls and dyed tatting. 
More animals w/pearls and drops and such.
Tin lid 'blade' earrings.
New berry dangles! And some grungy painted pearl headpin/drops things. When I want un-oxidizeable things to be grungy, I just paint 'em. Mostly, it works. I darkened most of the beads in the necklace up top w/plain old watery acrylic paint.
Here's some work in progress
So whaddaya think of the oldified pictures? I like that it hides the fact that the pictures are awful nighttime/artificial light images. What is it about actual bad vs. cute/fake bad? What we think is attractive changes with each decade, with each day. Looking over this post, I realize it looks like each picture was taken by a different old-time-y camera. Maybe I should stick with just one style? I love the first one with the grid.
I have some soldering experiments coming up. For now these pieces aren't revolutionary, but this is my first day of vacation!Imna make a bezel for the yellow tin tag.
So my 3 year-old nephew, David, is visiting. I was playing w/him when my sister came down the stairs. David points her out to me and says, "There's my friend Mommy."
Is that the cutest thing ever?


Spirited Earth said...

i love these new pieces..and your photos are fabulous.
i want to experiment with these adjusted edged photos..
thanks for sharing the technique in the other post.

stregata said...

You think you are excited that you have 3 weeks to make jewelry? I! am excited just thinking of all the gorgeous creations I am going to get to see. LOL And it looks like you are already in the vortex. Wonderful earrings.

fancylinda said...

I like the one with the grid too. I think these frames really suit your style of jewelry. Love all the new pieces!

~Debi said...

The grid is cool. I see that your stitching the filigree thingy worked out great. Love it.

Pretty Things said...

Oh look at all that gloriousness. I particularly want/desire/covet that last necklace! And the photography is awesome!

jamberry_song said...

Fanciful and fantastic stuff! Every one of these tells a story. It's wonderful when that happens. :)

Diamond VA said...

Great stuff!! Its a nice piece of jewelry. Thanks for sharing with us.