I love Novacan

So I did a ton of soldering yesterday.
My torch decided to act up so I had to do it all by iron. So it came out messy, which means I had to file a ton, which is why it looks gritty instead of smooth in these pictures.
 And why my home is coated in solder-dust grains. But really, the torch was making a sputtering sound and would only function in 2 modes: flame thrower and off. 
So, I had to use so much solder for what I needed that it caused a lot of iron grunge, so I had to rub it on my sal amoniac, which creates tons of horrible chemical smoke.
Which in turn caused me to have to open the windows into the freezing cold winter. 
But I was too focused to stop, so I ended up w/that exhausted feeling  you get after spending all day freezing w/your muscles clenched against it. 

Here's my bits right after getting painted with the Novacan. Still damp. 
You can towel it off here, that works too. But I like to try to get it as oxidized as possible, so I tend to leave it on.
I'm thinking I shouldn't, though.
 Cuz then when it dries on stuff, it leaves a white film.  
Can you see it? Even after I wiped it down w/a paper towel, it's still in the crevices 
Thing is with the messy solder situation I ended up with an unusual amount of crevices. I fiddled with it some more and I think it's good now.
I finally got tons of beads I'd ordered in the mail. Because I'm on my 'staycation', it seems like time is moving slowly, so mail seems to be taking forever. But I got some goodies and finished off the chain/cord/necklaces of the above. I think I might be stuck in a rut on how I connect wired beads for necklaces, but I donno.... 
It sure is nice to have time to blog during my process and not just when I'm done. 
Hope you're all doing well and staying warm and that you had a nice Christmas if you do Christmas.


stregata said...

Amazing work, as always, Fanci. But I think you should make sure there is no more Novacan on the pieces - not so good to have on the skin. Think you need to rinse them...

fanciful devices said...

oh, yeah, the stuff burns! I seal it with wax, though I'm trying a new sealer right now, just to see.

Diana said...

Beautiful stuff and always inspiring--thanks for sharing--especially the complex piece with the central "checkerboard" motif--interesting to see appearances before and after patina.

Beadbug said...

I love the look :)

Jennifer Valentine said...

LOVE the wooden pieces....and, well, everything as always.
I'm a big fan.
I am.