Hi all. Here's what I've been working on.

Here's a piece of wood salvage in a bezel. It actually looks pretty cool. Gonna take some close ups tomorrow.
Here a heart/hook that I got from Uruguay. That tiny antique spoon below and the brooch connected to it is from Uruguay as well.
Also includes some cute gem heishi, which I luuuuuve. Totally stole that idea from Deryn Mentock.
This focal is from a Virginia fea market, fabric from Sparrow bullion from fancylinda. Which more about later.
 Bottle o' roses with a soldered seal around the top. 
 Can you see it?
 I showed you this last time, 'member?
 Here's the bezel I made for the vintage tobacco tin (from Hummingbirdeyes). What you can't see is how you can tell it's all the way at the bottom, w/little bits of grunge caught at different places throughout the layers of embossing resin.
 Here some handmade Indian beads interspersed w/hammered bits o' Indian bangles. Huh. Just realized that's 2 Indian things in one piece. Anyways, the focal is an old metal printing block stamp from an old press. The neighborhood I live in used to be riddled w/them. This the name "Printer's Row."
 So, I got a package of goodies from fancylinda today. Up there you see some antique French jet, which I've decided is the coolest thing in the universe. Somehow it looks nothing like glass or anything else.
 OK, so, but, wait. I ordered about half these delightful bits. She threw the other half in just because.
 Because what? Because I have an enormous amount of crazy good karma saved up from past lives. Specifically how miserable I was before the meds. I think.


stregata said...

This is Christmas come early! Soooo gorgeous! OMG I just drooled all over my keyboard....

Linda said...

You are completely amazing!