Cold, Snowy Sunday's Makings

I decided on this blustery day to de-stress.
 Instead of trying to finish everything up, then desperately trying to take good pictures in the half-light, (which by the time I'm up and about is already fading even on good days) then having to edit, upload and try to think of something inspiring to use on the posts, I chose to simply catch up w/my outgoing packages and just enjoy some making.
So here's some more WIP.  First, a sliced tin top that used to contain witch- hazel salve, soon to be sanded and transformed into earrings. And a very soon-to-be cuff.
And I learned that switching the camera to automatic mode makes a huge difference in very low light. What you're seeing was a pocket watch cover into which I put a picture then a very thick (maybe quarter inch) layer of embossing enamel, then a tiny bit of wax to de-shine, then a new but old-looking filigree circle I've had forever w/no clue how I'd use it. I have an idea for sort of stitching it to the watch base through the filigree holes... we'll see.
And some theeengs, as Mr Husband calls both my supplies and my finished products. 
This baby here was a broken, hollow, very brittle plastic doll I found in Uruguay which I've filled with jewelry glue to get it back together and give it some weight and flexibility. And it worked!
There are from yesterday. They look better against a background that isn't bright orange, though. As does everything. I actually want to change the stain on my floor just for that! Of course, a 'logical' person would just slip a piece of paper under there, but what is this looo-jic of which you speak?


stregata said...

Your ideas and ingenuity never cease to amaze me. Looking forward to seeing the piece with the watch cover and the filigree come together.

Jo Archer said...

Ooh, I love those cuffs. Gorgeous and inspired work as always.

richelle said...

LOVE that black-button-assembly- cabochon disc.

Jennifer Valentine said...

Astounded. Speechless.
You, my dear, are one incredible talent.
Adore all of your religious themed things most of all, me being a bible-thumper and all. : )