This is the Title of this Post.

This is the first sentence in the body of this post. The following are the photos in the post.
Here is the first picture. It is of a necklace.
The second is of the very same necklace. Perhaps this bores the viewer. The viewer clicks away to another location on (in?) the world wide web. Bye!

Aaahhh..... alone at last.

Allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable.

Enough silliness! These are grungy quartz Sparrow sent me. I set them in some cut tin and cones Corvid sent me.

Ugh. The only good picture of this was the size picture which is sort of the back side.... OK, there's the front:
Look at the giant moose tooth! That's from readbetween!

Wait. There's more.
Look at this primordial baby! All crusty and medieval primitive goodness. With a burst of amethyst crystals which are rimmed around the edges with silver... wait. You can't see it. Crud. 
And a bracelet.
OK.  Das it.


betweenreader said...

Marina, you are definitely on a roll -- this is very exciting stuff!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

My heart was fluttering on that first one...and then the earrings popped up and it skipped a beat!! Everything is frustrating goregous as usual. Those cruddy quartz drops- I hate it when I send you something I've deemed to be of little use to me and you make it into some kind of genius thing. How dare you.

Spirited Earth said...

those bracelets knock me out..
and psst..i like it when you don't spell out each item and where it came from..it's a little mystery

amth13 said...

Loving the primitive one with the amethyst and the cute bracelet. I like the direct approach of here it is, I wish we didn't have to plough through all that relevancy, keywords nonsense. Some days I just want to put up a picture and write a description that says f***ing buy this...please. Manners maketh the woman.

Lorelei Eurto said...

oooh more pics of my bracelet! I LOVE IT SOOOOOO!