Hi all. 
I had no idea spam was coming from this blog out to you Lorelei. Oh, that's bad. No clue what to do about it. Anyone?

I took some pics in really weird lighting. This one below doesn't even look quite real. Tomorrow I'll take some shots when the sun isn't setting.  
It's called The Octopus because look- all the feet! OK, I just realized that doesn't make sense. While it is many feet, it's not eight, so....  Looks like a shoe lost-and-found, actually. Notice I added one of my new spiritedearth babies?
But yay for finally finding a friggin' use for that friggin' monopoly sneaker! Lordamighty I've had that damned thing forever. Now if I could find a use for the boat, the mini thimble and whatever others I still have around. I used to have the hat and car and dog, too. But I refuse to make a monopoly-themed piece! It's been done. It was lovely but I don't need to revisit someone else's thoroughly-explored idea.
(No offense if you're making a game-themed piece as we speak. Oops.)
Here I wanted to get back in touch with my monochromes.

These are already spoken for if you can believe it.

A little color crept in.
OK. I've been making quite a few bracelets lately and I've realized how hard they are to photograph. Unlike earrings or necklaces, they don't have a clear front side. I really like that about them put it's not so good in a 2 dimensional medium. Photos, I mean- keep up. So I'm always trying to get it all in. Like here I used a piece from these antique suspenders - from Uruguay, of course. There's a button going through the button slit that links at it's shank to a lovely bead you may have seen before. It looks good on, but if you lay it flat the leather overlaps the button... Gaaa- I'm tired of explaining this not-so-interesting point. Make up your own end to this paragraph, you guys are a smart bunch- you can do it!

Oh and then there's this clusterfuck that has a huge honkin' green coral chunk I gotta remove. It makes the whole thing cock-eyed. So off it goes. Maybe those chunky rounds, too. Waaaay too much going on here.

Here's a thing with a thing....
Ga-damn beads look neon in this weird light. And this is after all kinds of Photoshoppage. But, anyways, the locket is a double-sided piece that opens by turning the top bit. 
So I put a vintage stamp on either side. Hmmm... I just realized the back one doesn't match anything- it's a light rust- and I have these wacky purple antique stamps that would turn this into a truly double sided piece. Indeed....
So look. Notice the clasp? 

<---Also this one. They're from a purse supply store- they swivel! I'm very excited over them. Just cuz they're something different. Always looking for something different....


fancylinda said...

Hi, I am getting virus-ey emails from you too. I'm not sure what you can do about it if anything. I love the new pieces!

richelle said...

Yes--I received a virus email from your yahoo account email address. I think it just sends out emails to every single person in your address book. You've probably already changed your passwords, but if not, that would be the first thing to do.

Michelle York said...

Having morning coffee and looking at your new art. An infusion of creativity.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

How come I didn't get no spam? I'm not good enough for your evil twin? I just checked my spam folder, so that's where my tumblr notifications are now! Stupid email.

Also, I NEED THE HAT. On a necklace- a nice delicate one. I shall convo.

Lorelei Eurto said...

that bracelet with the leather and the keyhole, is the COOLEST!! love it! great design!