Somethin's happening here.

What it is ain't exactly clear.
There's a gal with a heat gun over there
Saying, Bingo, you better beware.

Yeah, it's not clear what I'm up to but it does involve some makings. Like these mini muffin tin bezels using these rough hammershlerkin' diamonds that Opulent Oddities sent me in that giant box.

 And some rusty-crusty pink things. A new obsession of mine and Sparrow's.

Wire wrap much? Yeah, I wasn't thinking clearly here.

Both focal pieces were sent to me in magical, unexpected boxes. The top from the awesome readbetween, the bottom....I think from the last one I blogged. It's a blur.

And more gemstone rondelle strands with artisan pieces- like here, chains from missficklemedia and beads from Gaea.
Speaking of which- guess what I spent all of yesterday doing?
Sanding beads! Took forever but it had to be done. Here's the before:RESERVED for the lovely fancifuldevices / Ocean Gems / Ceramic Beads
See how some, though glorious, have quite a shine? Of the 3 strands I got, shinies appeared here and there.
So, after:
OK, the lighting's awful so you cant tell but they look etched. Here's a clearer example, though not my own.
From radiantmind, who offers the same bead set regular:Glass lampwork beads SeaShell Pink Organic Seeds handmade for artisan jewelry designs
and etched:


I also made more utee glitteries.
I know, I like glitter but not shine, I'm nuts. I guess I find one glows from within, drawing the eye inward, and the other creates a glare on the surface which blocks the inner prettiness.

What else?

Changing this guy up a bit. (Seeing as there was a scrap of cloth under the cab- this was an hours-long mess.) Again, the looking-to-the-mysterious-inward-depths effect. Aka, the LTTMIDE. Yup, I coined that.
But what I really came to say is that Imna be in Cali for 3 days so I'll be incommunicado. OMG I can't believe I spelled incommunicado right. I wasn't even sure it was a word.


In the Light of the Moon said...

I'm sticking with your definition of glitter and shine..does that mean I'm nuts too?..and I know Im going to be trying your Utee sticks soon..Too cool!!Hugs,Cat

Spirited Earth said...

Lmao..i said.."oh no you didn't" but you did..sand those beads off.
love the necklace with the aqua beads.

Michelle York said...

Divine Madness abounds! Love your blog! So much wonderful wonders, could comment all day..I'm a fan for sure.

Michelle York said...

I can see the difficulty in choosing the pink set in shiny or etched. I'm glad it's you having to decide. Those kinds of things are maddening to me.

Shibui said...

So ... what did you use to sand the finish off them beads? I really like them and think I have some that are just way to shinny as well.


richelle said...

loving the pinkness. I've been obsessing over Herkimer diamonds lately. I live in...Herkimer Co. NY, so there are amazing quantities available with all kinds of crazy colors, sizes, and inclusions. I just came up with a fancy wire bezel technique, so I bought like 100 huge diamonds today.

Jennifer Valentine said...

Someone once told me that I could make a silk purse out of a sow's ear....but I think you deserve the honor of that comment...
Love the pink. the sparkle. the grunge. the YOU.