Sorry, y'all. I was hacked. Oh to think they got past that firewall I installed. Even though I use encoded routers and a hydraulic feedback loop... I have to get new specs for the... satellite.... logarithm....
Wow, I ran out of sentence there. Can't even pretend tech-talk.
I had to share a line from a comment that made me lol (out loud!):
 I'm so lame I just had to ask my teen daughter and her friend how to spell an evil laugh. 
And that after the commenter, Gardanne, totally flattered me by saying she's been all turned to the dark side by me... at least the matte side. And as it turns out she is the lady behind the very well-known GardanneBeads and the creatrix of all this insanity:
Grab Bag/ Flying Butterflies Mix 18Silvered Trails 3Enameled Swallow Pair 14Enameled Key Pair 14Olive singlesEnameled Filigree/ Mixed 2Glass PairingsGlass Headpins/Beads, Mixed Bag
Why am I such a whore for glass head pins y'all?
OK, it's 4 AM and ...just why am I up?


Boot ~C said...

the better question is why can't I wake up like this on a WORK morning?

Lorelei Eurto said...

got another "hacked" email from your email address this morning. i hope you can get that worked out!!

I am a sucker for headpins too!

Michelle York said...

You can take credit for my determination to only buy from my fellow 'Etsyans'.

Michelle York said...

A quote for you.."Perfection Includes Imperfection".

Gardanne said...

OMG!!!! Thanks so much for the shout out on your blog and I will see you on the dark side.